Video Review: Bonnie McKee “American Girl”

Sitting in a 7-Eleven parking lot with her best friends, sipping on the spiked Slurpees. She responds to a text message on her phone and giggles. A guy fixing his bicycle begins to stare at her. She puckers up her lips. His long-haired friend on the telephone can’t help but watch, too. When they leave, they wave to him and one of the guys nods his head to them.

They enter the 7-Eleven. She fills up her Slurpee and licks some of it, catching the attention of the store clerk. Meanwhile, her friends stuff snacks in the purses.

In a long, white tank top with the top of her sequined silver bra peeking out, she rubs her body against a vending machine.

At the register, she tries on a pair of green, leopard-print sunglasses and then stuff some gum in her pocket. The clerk waves goodbye.

They walk in the street, carrying their Slurpees in one hand and their snacks in the other. She pulls her sunglasses down as she watches a tattooed guy takes shirt off while fixing the engine of his sports car. She stares at him, letting him know she thinks he’s hot.

Back at home, she and her friends jump on her bed, video taping it as they perform their own made-up choreography. The girls play the board game Girl Talk. Sadly, no one is wearing zit stickers.

Later, they hang out at the pool, reading magazines and tanning. She twists her gum around her finger and turns over on her back on the beach chairs. Her friend runs her hand down her thigh.

After tanning, they run back to the hot guy’s house. She bends over into his engine, playing with the tools while her friends sit inside. She closes the hood and then sits in the driver’s seat. She takes off, squealing that she did it, while he stands dumbstruck.

They stop for fast food. She tries to get a discount while leaning on the car at the drive-thru. Then, at the mall, they play with the gumball machines and hang out at the arcade.

At the car wash, they change into the clothes they likely stole. Right at the exit, she zips her shorts. On the way home, the engine overheats. They manage to get it back to his house. But it explodes. She puts her hand over her mouth. She can’t believe it. They laugh. One of her friends says she has marshmallows they can roast. They all think it’s an awesome idea.

At a party, someone waves an American flag while she dances by the pool. She tips her sunglasses down and winks at the camera.


Rating: 1/5

No, the average American girl is not like this. First, the gaudy attire has been out of style for years, namely the upturned hats and the ultra miniskirts. The leopard print has come back in style recently. However, paired with the outfit serves as a reminder exactly how trashy the print can be. American girls like this are made fun on Snapchat as people follow them to watch the trainwreck that is their lives and see what kitchenware they would lick next in their profile picture.

But we do love Slurpees, though.

Director: Justin Francis  Year: 2013



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