Video Review: Selena Gomez “Hands To Myself”

In handcuffs, Selena Gomez lies on a bed.

Brochures from hotels throughout Los Angeles featuring bus tours and a map, with a big x, are at her home. Twitter gave her most of the information but it was the maps that really helped. On her wall are pictures of her Hollywood crush (Christopher Mason).

At the mansion, she opens the door and checks her watch. She pulls on a door but it doesn’t open. Then, she tries the screen door and enters the house from there. She unties her coat, revealing her black bra and panties. As she walks up the stairs, she drops her coat. She looks inside the mansion and smiles. She presses a button his Beats By Dre and listens to music. She lies on the couch, touching her neck and face.

She finds his walk-in closet. She presses the leather coats against her skin but settles for a white t-shirt. In a three-way mirror, she poses, checking herself out.

Getting cold, she covers part of her body in a blanket and watches her favorite movie, starring her Hollywood crush. He is such delicious eye candy and according to, he works out all the time. However, he always does the right thing in his movies. In the pouring rain, he kisses the love of his life. She imagines him kissing her as she runs his hands across his chest. Today that will no longer that be fantasy.

In a white robe, she walks back upstairs, and looks at his movie poster for “Obsession.”

His view is wonderful, overlooking Los Angeles. She can’t wait to live here, too.

He comes inside his home and notices the coat on the stairs. He looks around, paying attention to any noises. He walks up the stairs.

She sniffs his cologne. Oh, his scent is wondrous. Hearing footsteps, she turns head. Escaping, she heads for the bathroom and turns on the showerhead. There, she lies in the bath. She thinks of him in the same bathroom, naked after a long, hard day of running in his action movies.

As he opens the bathroom door open a bit, he finds that some water on the floor. The police enter his house with their flashlights and search his home.

The sudden burst of light wakes her up. She puts her hands up in the air and the police escort out of his house, in handcuffs. With his arms folded over his chest, he watches her get taken away.

As she lies in bed in jail, she’s proud of herself. He knows who she is now. Everyone knows. Their love won’t be denied.


Rating: 5/5

Everyone has their favorite Hollywood crush, someone who if their significant other allowed, they could have one night with the person. Selena Gomez needs more.

It’s just the Tumblr blog dedicated to him, the fan communities she is apart of on Facebook don’t satisfy her. She’s tried to get attention on Twitter but no avail. After every post, no matter the social network, she responds. Several times. In her one posts, she adds in his username. Nothing. How does he not know they belong to each other?

Finding his address was easier than she thought. A couple of brochures and Google got her to the right spot. She thought now was the time for him to realize it. When he came home from his industry party, she was going to tell him.

The more calm and relaxed she is, the more unhinged she becomes. When she gets caught, she doesn’t put up a fight. However, it’s the police officers she’s seems ready to lunge at, not him. She is an apt unstable person but she’s not villianized, either. She’s clearly enjoying his home and doesn’t lash out. She isn’t there to steal anything. She has mental problems that need to be addressed. It doesn’t change the fact that he will press charges and she will be put in jail. Part psychological thriller, part character study, the video takes a turn into a darker direction and succeeds.

Director: Alek Keshishian  Year: 2015

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