Video Review: Cascada “Everytime We Touch”

Natalie Horler puts her hands in her pockets as she against a wall of encyclopedias. On the steps of the library, she studies her notes but can’t focus on them. She looks away, distraught and then looks at the photo of her crush. They used to be such good friends at one time.

She opens the door of the library. There, a young woman with a ponytail sits a desk, poring through a book while a professor does some research. When she sees the male librarian, who is sorting through cards, she lifts up his chin and smiles. He is not amused. He follows her around the library. She finds a table, throws the papers off and climbs on top of it while the lights flash. As she dances on it, the librarian chides her, telling her to get back down on the floor.

The people hear the music and turn around in surprise, wanting to know what the commotion is about.

She heads to the filing system and begins to toss the reference cards on the ground. In between, she dances.

The janitor bounces his mop and head to the music, clearly liking the entertainment as the librarian slams his finger down on the table. A lady pops her bubblegum while two young women start moving their heads.

She bends down on the table, where the librarian is waiting and takes off his glasses. She shakes his hair out and pushes him away. One of the young ladies can’t contain herself any longer. An older man gets up and pumps both hands in the air while the professor thinks of joining, but is still too shy.

The librarian heads to the filing system and puts the cards on his head, frustrated, knowing that it’s going to take all day to clean up the mess. He hits the open drawers. As he leaves, he closes the drawers.

In a darkened room, the camera circles around Horler and the librarian, as she professes her love. She brushes a piece of his hair and then puts her hand on his face. He plays with a strand of her hair.

By the fireplace, she and the rest of the students begin to dance together. She sits on a table while the librarian (now her boyfriend) moves his hips. The professor gets too close to Horler, grinding against her. She gives him a stern look.

Everyone gets their chance in the spotlight. The janitor kicks away his bucket and starts using his mop like a baton. The librarian break dances. Afterwards, they run out of the library, hand in hand.

Rating: 2.5/5

The juxtaposition between the library and dance music is a great idea. When she walks on the table, it’s as though the library becomes a bar. However, the importance of dancing overrides the space and visuals.

Sometimes, the space is used to its advantage. When she’s in the stacks, surrounded by the rows and rows of encyclopedias, it’s a unique visual. However, most times the space is conducive to the dancing. It’s such a tight corner that any movement comes across as stilted.

The scope widens to the fireplace in another part of the library. However, everyone is dancing and blocking it. It would’ve been stunning to have a view of it by itself.

The stereotype is bothersome, though. Everyone who is studying is considered strait-laced and Horler needs to teach them to let loose. The one professor, though, proves to be an aggressive pervert, invading her personal space and rubbing against her while she sits on the table. His original shy nature and reluctance only make the moment stand out more than it should. It’s a bit much.

While the idea works in theory, it doesn’t reach its potential, deciding in favor of the simple, answer: DANCE!

Director: Max Nichols Year: 2005


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