Video Review: Nick Jonas & Ty Dollar $ign “Bacon”

After paying the cab driver, Nick Jonas and his friends stop to eat at Ted’s Frostop Burgers in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Inside, a single man chews on his food, watching the group come inside. At a table full of college guys, Jonas flips a paper football and scores a goal. Jonas gives one of them a high-five and sits at the next table. A husband and wife enjoy their dishes of bacon. The wife holds the end of it on her fork as she talks. Two men talk business a couple of tables over. One of Jonas’ friends reaches over and gets syrup from the other table. His other friend pours the entire bottle of syrup on his plate. Once Jonas leaves the table, his friends takes napkins out of the dispenser.

Jonas passes the tables of people, talking. He and a server, carrying two coffeepots bump into each other. She raises her arms up to prevent an accident and he gets out of the way. He stops at a table full of women and then samples a piece of bacon from the husband’s plate. They don’t know what to make of it but continue on with their conversation.

A person cuts into their pile of pancakes with several pieces of bacon on top. The bearded guy picks the piece of bacon up with his hand and chomps on it. Jonas is proud of the guy’s meal.

In the kitchen, a cook is flipping over the sizzling bacon with a spatula. A bearded guy with glasses chews on his bacon, wondering if he should follow Jonas. Jonas opens the door into the kitchen. He asks the woman for a plate and she says it’s there. He checks out a girl playing pinball. He sits on table, where the food goes and then looks at the meals through sitting underneath the heating lamps.

He asks the cook if he could fill his plate up with bacon. The cook says to go ahead and take as much as he wants. He takes a finished plate and sniffs it. He walks back to his table and gives one dish to the women. He and his friends dance around the diner. Someone throws him a hat labeled LYWC (the acronym for his current album, Last Year Was Complicated). He and his friends take a group photo to post on Instagram.

After the photo, he heads to the table with the husband and wife. The wife moves down and lets Jonas sit in her seat. He grabs the knife and fork, cutting into the food and takes a bite. As he chews, he watches on a small, yellow tube television Ty Dolla $ign performing in a video.

In Ty Dolla $ign’s video, the cars move up and down from the bass. A woman touches her butt, while wearing a see-through tights. Women dance in a row around the cars. Jonas turns it off.

The lights flash on and off in the diner. Jonas twirls a young woman around. He and the cook greet each other with a handshake. He grabs another piece of bacon from another single man. He gives a piece of bacon to a woman. Napkins drop from the ceiling. He returns back the table. The server hands him a cup of coffee. He thanks her and takes a sip, then talks with his friend.


Rating: 5/5

On sight, the video could cause an artery to clot and cholesterol levels to go up. It becomes a meme of how much bacon he stuffs in his mouth. He practically drools on a guy’s pancakes topped with bacon while passing by.

The camera lingers on the bacon like it was the male gaze. Fanservice is provided for those who love food more than they love people.

Jonas and his friends do things everybody does at a diner: take napkins from an empty table or a syrup bottle and talk to the regulars. It’s an ordinary night out.

The diner is filled with all walks of life and when Jonas walks in, no one really cares. They see him all the time and continue to eat. As he travels from table to table, there are lots of chances to people watch. Most interesting are the husband and wife who are enjoying their meal, talking about their day. The second most interesting is the bearded guy thinking of joining Jonas in the kitchen to grab some more food. His reaction of “hey, why didn’t I think of ever doing that” is classic.

There are some missed opportunities, though: a table of bikers, who only get a quick glance while the frat boys are only shown once and then become extras.

The diner, however, is the real star of the video. Seeing the outside of it, there is a history to it with its vintage sign. It’s a place for tourists and locals alike to frequent. However, it comes across as a 24 hour restaurant that mainly offers breakfast food. According to their website, they have a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner food while only staying open to 7 pm most of the week.

Director: Black Coffee  Year: 2016


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