Video Review: Paulina Rubio “The One You Love”

With her back facing towards the camera, Paulina Rubio stretches her arms. After a flash of white, she wanders the beach, her bare feet by the shore. She steps away from the shore, not wanting to get her feet. She traces a heart on the sand with her hands and then continues to sit in the sand, watching the water. She spins around and then does a half-skip, half-run.

Further down the beach, a band plays.

Underneath a blanket, she lifts it over her head and smiles. She sits on her bed, which shows a pool in the background. She pulls the sheet closer to her face and laughs.

Filmed in a soft sepia, she sleeps on a bed. When she wakes up, she begins to mouth the lyrics.

On her porch, she lies down on a faded maroon recliner, thinking of what to do and checks out her nails.

After the beach, she roller skates down on the pier. A couple holding hands move their arms up to let her through. She turns backwards, telling them thank you and nearly loses her balance.

A crowd gathers around her as a band plays. She scales the ends of the crowd, taking a little girl’s hand and dances with her. She points towards the drummer and raises her hands up in the hair. She dances with a shirtless man, who takes the opportunity to put his arm around her waist. She blows a kiss.


Rating: 4/5

The music video could be a promotional tool to get a timeshare. The sunlight glistens on the water. Paulina Rubio kicks her feet up in the sand. There is a lovely pier to glide on with roller skates with friendly people who will help others out. Inside her house, she has a view of her beach from her bedroom. With one step, she is outside, enjoying the sun and freedom of summer.

She is a natural performer. Even when she is with the crowd, it’s as though they found her on their own. She makes sure to visit everyone on each side and connects with her band. It was as though it was an impromptu concert.

Relaxation and taking things slowly seem to be theme, which makes for soothing scenes. The gentle breeze and crisp morning air as the day is spent by the water, listening and thinking. It’s idllyic but attainable as a vacation spot. She needs to hold a pina colada and close her eyes to make the fantasy complete.

Director: Wayne Isham  Y ear: 2002


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