Video Review: Taylor Dayne “Tell It To My Heart”

A close up of Taylor Dayne opening her hazel-colored eye begins the video. A young man in a denim jacket and shredded acid-washed jeans with red tights underneath dances around the stage in a blur. A close up of Dayne’s cherry red lips follows.

Someone drops red paint on the floor. She walks in it, leaving smudged footprints behind her. With big, crimped hair on top and curls on the bottom, she puts her hand to her chest. The young man jumps up and then does a cartwheel. She rolls her shoulders and bends down.

Facing to the left of the camera, she reaches out with both hands. The young man crosses his arms on his chest behind her. Another young man in a denim jacket and shredded acid-washed jeans but with yellow tights underneath pirouettes.

All three begin to perform a routine. Dayne is wearing a black jacket, a spaghetti strap leather black tank top, a black skirt, black tights and black high heels.

She looks into the camera, her make up set to drag queen host for the Friday night Twerk competition at the local bar, and puts her hands into her mismatched hair. The men bend over as the camera sneeks a peek, hoping to catch some skin. She puts her hands up, crying out “why, why, why” as the two men hold onto her waist and kick their legs up. She puts her hands up, demanding answers. The young men flex their muscles, providing her muscle.

After a routine, she struts to the camera, throws a defiant punch and then turns right back to her dancers.

Against a softened blue background, she looks into the camera and then down. Then, she leaves more footprints in the paint again. The men punch the wall and turn back again. She moves in and out of frame about three times, the fan enlarging her hair to the entire screen. The men collapse on the floor. She moves in and out of the frame three times again.

The choreographed routine with the guys continues as they all put one foot out and then turn around in a circle. She bends up and down, putting her hand on her chest. They all turn they backs toward the camera and leave as a group with Dayne in the center.


Rating: 2/5

Taylor’s Dayne is the example of choosing one style for hair. Her crimped bangs are dated but combined with the thick, tight curls that resemble a lion’s mane, it’s disaster. Smog can cause less suffocation than her hair.

Then, there are the outfits. The men get off easy, wearing all denim. But the different colored tights underneath is excessive. Dayne is in biker chic. It’s not that big of a deal until the huge, silver belt is shown, covering her entire crotch area. Unless she’s planning to participate in what was at the time, the WWF, the belt serves no purpose other than smack talking Ric Flair inside a studio explaining why she will become the champion and pointing to it as proof of her abilities.

The gorgeous shot of her looking down against a softened background seems to be from another draft of the storyboard but got left in for some reason. Along with the close-ups with her eyes, which offers a striking personal point of view, and the footprints, the video has some unexplored substance to it. It’s unfortunate that she’s trying so hard to be Madonna circa 1984 (which already makes her out of touch) instead of focusing on the contrasting the images.

Directors: Scott Kalvert & S.A. Baron Year: 1987

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