Video Review: Demi Lovato “Cool For The Summer”

In a convertible, Demi Lovato sits on the passenger side, with her hand. All her friends put their hands up as they drive. She leans over to let her friend rub her stomach.

At night, while still driving around with her friends, she turns head around and looks to the backseat, putting her hand to her mouth and then giving a wink.

At the bridge, she stands up in the car, wearing her Choromat Arc Strappy bikini, R13 double layer shorts, and Ruthie Davis Believe Groovy platforms.

Under harsh yellow flourescent lights, she dances in the back of a decrepit warehouse, tagged by graffiti and lit in hot pink neon. She runs her hands through her wet hair, wearing a custom Asher Levine bodysuit with Bao Tranchi leather shorts, a Fausto Tie Dye demin jacket and Lust 4 Life Fixx Cutout boots. She grinds against the wall and head bangs.

A blinking, 80s version of a GPS in faded yellow states: Must Turn Here. Damaged video shows palm trees. Her friends continue to drive through the night. Lightning strikes in a purple sky.

At the warehouse, she rubs her body and stands against the wall, near a beach ball. She puts her hands on her butt while rose pink clouds roll by. A tunnel flashes by. She stands with both hands on her hips in the center of the hallway, eyes closed and head turned to the side.

Lying on a bed, resting on her Brian Licthenberg red fur coat, wearing an Agent Provocateur Lyssandra swimsuit and Aquazzura Amazon Lace-Up sandals.

Her friends arrive at the club, where they see a guy with a cardboard box over his head with an angry face scrawled on it. She waves hello to a friend and then hugs another person. She sprays some Devonne perfume. She and her friends enter the club in slow motion.

A young woman smiles. A section of the club is lit in a seedy red. A woman dances to the music. They walk down the stairs. A dazed woman, in a bikini, lies on a bed. A young woman pulls a man’s tank top. Lit in dim lavender, people jump up and down on an inflatable mattress.

People carry balloons. Lit in emerald green, she dances with a random girl. On the bed, she tugs on the strap of her bikini. She puts both hands against the wall and head bangs again. Purple lasers flash. A guy and girl make out in a corner somewhere. A girl with glitter underneath one eye, is passed out on a sofa.

A damaged video replays a girl in a hot pink wig kissing a guy. One of her friends closes her eyes and puts her arms behind her. Another friend falls asleep. Lovato arches her back on the bed. People jump up and down on the mattress again.

A pillow fight happens at the club. With feathers in her hair, she smiles. On the bed, she moves around slowly to the front, feathers strewn all over while people jump on the bed. She struts down the hallway.

At the club, people get wet from the bubbles and throw ribbons. Among the bubbles, two women kiss. She struts down the hallway again, touching her body as an old video plays. She rests her back against the wall as the pillow fight continues inside the club. A young man kisses a girl’s neck as she laughs. She winks again and then walks back inside.

Outside, with a group of people, the fireworks crackle and squeal while she holds her phone up in the air to capture a picture. At the warehouse, she leans face forward against the wall and gives one final look to the camera.


Rating: 4/5

The dizzying array of color and the fast-paced shots that are a blur tell the tale of a night full of drinking and experimentation. The hedonism is implied but not actually shown, which hints at what might’ve gone on.

Her friends have pastel dyed hair, bright bikinis and drink the night away with strange guys at squalid clubs. Danger is in sight but it’s a crime-free, safe version of Spring Breakers that ends with a group viewing of fireworks.

Hannah Lux Davis does an impressive job of having group of twentysomethings fueled by the next rush, unafraid and influenced by pop culture, diving headfirst to create bloodshot memories without any actual props of cups or pills. It’s all lighting, both the club and late evening/past midnight shots driving in the car, with its tawdry neon and bleary circles of streetlights.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis  Year: 2015

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