Video Review: P!nk “Just Like Fire”

In the kitchen, Carey Hart calls out to his wife, P!nk, asking if she wants some tea. As he rinses the dishes, he looks out to see if she’s there and with a frustrated sigh, says “oh man.”

With a cup of tea, he walks in the dining room and sees P!nk dangling from the chandelier on a pink sheet. He asks her if she plans to do that all day. After no response, he walks back into the kitchen as she continues to use her hand on the table to spin around.

She sits up on her cloth trapeze and begins to perform tricks. On top of the mantle, daughter Willow watches her mom. But a blue butterfly gets her attention. Willow turns around and faces the mirror, watching the butterfly disappear into it and then she walks through it.

Noticing her daughter is missing, she touches the mirror and walks into it, discovering a portal. It leads her to a courtyard with a living chess game. She looks around, seeing that the key players are versions of herself. When she takes a turn, she has to dodge a version of herself, wearing a black gown. She twirls around once and then moves, letting the pieces on the board rotate and move forward. She confronts a version of herself in a white gown and visor over her eyes. The other version of herself pushes her through the clouds and into a garden.

At the floating tea party, Willow laughs in her chair, holding a teacup, as the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), his mouth wide open and eyes huge with child-like wonder, swings his legs and downs his cup of tea like a shot. He then holds a cracker up in the air, examining its purpose. P!nk looks lovingly at her daughter and then falls from the chair, into the clouds and is suspended an inch over a rose garden.

Time (Sascha Baron Cohen) rips the clasp of a clock and gives P!nk a warning look. Willow pokes her head out of the roses and giggles. Her skirt caught in the roses, she tries to shake herself free when sees Time talk to her daughter.

She struggles inside the straitjacket, trying to get it off of her. She sees visions of the Hatter, Time and the The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). Two men haul her to the mental institution while she kicks. Signing the consent form, he yells to P!nk “love you, babe” and then asks the nurse if she will be in good care. The nurse nods yes.


Rating: 3/5

The intregration of P!nk’s real-life family helps to ground the surreal atmosphere in some reality. His wife’s fascination with Wonderland is worrisome, bordering on obsession. Every day, she hangs from the chandelier. However, he’s concerned for her safety that one day she will attempt to jump through the mirror.

In her head, she views herself as a pivotal character in each part: a king on the chessboard and a peer to the Mad Hatter. She believes Time is going to capture her daughter and vows to save her. The existence of Wonderland signals a mental break, adding a psychological layer to the versions of herself scolding her and insistence that someone is after her daughter. Her fantasies question her self-esteem as an authority figure and ability to be a good mother. It’s far deeper thinking and well thought-out storyline than the movie itself deserves. It acknowledges the movie but distances itself at the same time.

Unfortunately, nearly everyone involved relies on their schtick: Johnny Depp, who has become a human cartoon, Helena Bonham Carter, who relies on ex boyfriend Tim Burton for work and P!nk, who has done the same acrobatics act since 2010. The film’s failure should be a wake-up call to all three who have stayed in their comfort zone for too long.

Director: Dave Meyers  Year: 2016


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