Video Review: Carrie Underwood “Two Black Cadillacs”

Walking in black stilettos on the gravel, Carrie Underwood walks to her black Cadillac. She drives slowly through the winding graveyard, the recently fallen leaves underneath her wheels. She touches the white steering wheel, closing her eyes and then opens them as she parks.

She sees another black Cadillac make a turn and stop. The woman inside the car, covered in a black veil, her wedding ring pricking her hand as she runs her hands over the interior of the car, looks at the rows of statues and gravestones. Underwood turns the key in her car.

Standing in alley, a man waits. He looks up when he hears heels clacking on the pavement. Underwood puts her hands on his chest. Headlights flash at them and she runs off. Hand in his pockets, he’s ticked at the person who interrupted them. He puts his hand over eyes, shielding them for the light, to get a better look of who is in the other car. He gestures, “what the hell!”

She decides to drive around. She stops at a river for a while. A light rain falls and she turns on the windshield wipers as she heads back.

The car does not stop. The headlights flash again. Worried, he freezes in place.

The wife steps out of the car and onto the gravesite. She listens as the preacher reads from the Bible and looks down. Hands folded, she remains still as her sister-in-law whispers to her brother-in-law. She suspects it’s something along the lines of how much she will miss her sweet brother-in-law who was always there for her. His father, stoic, stifles his tears. To his father, he was the Golden Boy.

The car has gotten closer to him. Hand over his heart and his other on the car, he pleads with the person to stop and screams “no!” Gas emits from the engine as the person brakes, backing the man into the corner. He runs from the moving car to the nearest alleyway

She stands at the coffin, waiting for her cue.

Breathing heavily, his face full of fear, he sees another car parked. The headlights flash. He puts his hands out, trying to block the car. A person hits the gas pedal, running him over. The engine smokes.

Underwood remembers hearing the sounds of bones cracking and relief washing over her. His lifeless hand was the only recognizable piece of him left. The two women had looked at his body to make sure he was dead.

She parks and then leaves her car. With black sunglasses on, she jingles her keys and arrives at the coffin. The wife opens her eyes, her face expressionless. Underwood puts the keys on the coffin, her poker face on. The wife walks away and then Underwood as they walk to their cars.

Meanwhile, the car repairs itself, the headlights turning back on again as the engine revs up.

Rating: 5/5

It’s an involving story, destined for a future spot on Dateline Mysteries. A wife and a mistress team up to kill the man who treated them both like trash. Highly regarded as a pillar of the community, the man had done some questionable things to keep his status. Underwood was a perk, not some undeniable love and the wife could no longer look the other way.

By giving the man a face, the video is able to fill in the blanks of the story. At first glance, the man looks like a spoiled man-child who expects everything handed to him. The only life he seems to care about is his own, since he does not even bother to see if Underwood is all right. Meanwhile, his family does not even comfort the wife. They whisper and watch, worried about their money and speculating on how much of their secrets she actually knows.

Underwood, though, it at her most badass. She arrives at the funeral, lays the keys down, doesn’t say a word and leaves before his body is lowered in the ground. She likely knows everything and could cause the most damage to the family. She’s simply making them aware of it.

   Director: P.R. Brown  Year: 2013


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2 thoughts on “Video Review: Carrie Underwood “Two Black Cadillacs”

  1. I love this song, and its video! I’ve actually used it with students to practice inferring– when they realize what happened, they were always like, “DID THEY KILL HIM?!” Ha!

    1. That’s cool! I heard they were supposed to make a tv movie on the song. But I think the video does it justice. I love Carrie Underwood when she’s a badass

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