Video Review: Major Lazer, MØ & Justin Bieber”Cold Water”

In black-and-white, a person picks up a guitar and plugs it in to the amp. A car passes through the city streets. In air, they pass over the stadium where the band will be playing. On a plane, the band sleeps while a woman relaxes, listening to the iPod, covering a part of their face with their arm.

Walshy Fire looks around by some trees. Outside, the venue, the rain pours down. On the plane, Diplo jokes with a dancer. Two dancers talk. One of the woman puts her hand on the other dancer’s back as Diplo approaches them.

Jillionaire, wearing a sweater, is asked a question by Diplo while the dancer (with her arms both around Diplo and Walshy Fire) laughs. The same dancer is the first to step off the bus and then sticks her tongue out at the camera. Jillionaire, wearing the same sweater and an old football helmet, points to a carton of chocolate milk.

The dancers hang out near the stage. Walshy Fire puts his arms around Jillionaire and Diplo. Jillionaire makes a funny face. The band and dancers gather for a group huddle before the show.

At the show, smoke rises above the stage. Fireworks go off as the dancers perform their routine. Waiting for the next set, the band and a couple of dancers goof off. The fans wave flags and towels. They hold up stuffed cartoon characters and put their hands in the air.

The band and dancers head backstage. Walshy Fire puts one hand over his head, wondering what’s going on. Diplo organizes his keyboard, a stack of electrical cords behind of him. On the steps, a dancer looks up. Rain falls on the excited crowd as Walshy Fire tries to keep the energy up.

Walshy Fire walks down the hotel hallway and adjusts his hat. On the bus, Diplo talks with the dancers.One dancer puts her hair over her eye. Jillionaire puts his arm around one of the dancers while someone in the background gives them the side-eye. Diplo, stands on stage grinning, while the same two dancers who have been featured, put their hands on his shoulders.

The crowd waits for the crescendo and then the fireworks go off. A dancer spins. A ferris wheel is a backdrop for one of venues. Smoke emits from the stage.

MØ walks with Jillionaire. They look back at the reporters and photographers. Diplo helps her to the center of the stage. After working the controls, Jillionaire hugs her. Streamers fall as the dancers perform. Lasers split off into directions. Fireworks go off again as MØ holds up her microphone. The dancers use flashlights as props in one of their routines.

Streamers gush from the venue. Confetti drops like rain as the crowd cheers. On stage, the visual reads “LAZER” with a globe. People clap and whistle.


Rating: 1/5

It’s a self-congratulatory video that pats itself on the back. However, it gives little appreciation to others within its circle. Two dancers, who are the obvious favorites, are featured over and over. One of the dancers, though, is smug about it, though. When she walks with Walshy Fire, it’s as though she’s his girlfriend. When she is in their presence, it’s as though she’s the fourth member of the band. It gets really annoying.

However, it only gives MØ minimal screen time, marginalizing her in the process. It should be noted that without her help, “Lean On” may not have been a huge hit. Major Lazer, in the end, comes across as a company that would receive low ratings on Glassdoor, with comments noting that those who are promoted are the ones who kiss management’s butt and not on skill.

   Director: N/A  Year: 2016


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