Video Review: Ryn Weaver “OctaHate”

A cantaloupe, cut in half, rests on a table. In a garden, there is a gazebo with another sitting area further from the center. Multiple gates and column line around the mansion.

Inspired by the 1966 Czech film, “Daises,” Ryn Weaver and her best friend, sneak into the mansion. They dance around the hall. She sits on the couch and then twirls. They skip and then play in the curtains. Her best friend jokes with her, blowing up her cheeks.

Someone takes a forkful of vanilla cake. A flattened cake and cherries are among the roses decorating the dining table.

At the dining table, her friend wears a bib. Together, they toast to each other. She relishes the sweet wine and then dives into the food, take a small bite at first. Then, she grabs a carrot and then gorges on the cake. She licks the frosting on her fork. Her friend puts her fingers in the bowl of candy and gets as much as she can, while it spills it over. She squeezes a cherry between her fingers, letting the juices flow her fingers. Her friend gives up on the fork and starts eating with her fingers. She throws a bite to Weaver, who tries to catch it in her mouth.

Her friend throws another piece of food at her and Weaver removes her hat. Weaver takes a handful of mashed potatoes and tosses it at her friend. Her friend responds with cake and licks it off her hand. Weaver throws something back and her friend responds with a banana. She holds the tablecloth up, using it as a shield and sneaks in some cake. Her friend, with frosting in her hair, tries to dodge some food. Weaver takes a swig from her wine glass. Her friend takes off her blouse and Weaver laughs. She decides to take off her pants. They move the flowers and climb up on the table, standing underneath the chandelier. She turns a rose crown into a tambourine and puts a rose between her teeth.

Her friend bends down, trying to regain her balance and Weaver uses the opportunity to throw spaghetti at her. They dance underneath the chandelier, holding food and stepping on whatever is left. She and her friend hug.


Rating: 5/5

Even without seeing “Daisies,” which was about two Czech women liberating themselves from what was expected of them and defying every conservative ideal.

The video mainly deals with women vs. food, mainly that they are taught from a young age that food is their enemy – the women eat as much as they want, when they want. They don’t count calories or eat with certain silverware. They chew with their mouths wide open, they put their hands in it and destroy it. To see women slinging food and not bothering what they look like is wonderful.

They also take off some of their clothes and instead of studying their bodies in the mirror, judging it, they dance and goof off. It comes across more as body acceptance than as something sexual.

Using scenes from the movie was clever and smart, considering the issues still resonate 40 years later. As in 1966 and the same for 2016, women are viable human beings with their own needs and desires. However, society places higher expectations on them and plays with a different set of rules. It was great to see Ryn Weaver and her friend toy with the rules, mocking each one for being rooted in sexism and misogyny.

Director: Griffin Frazen  Year: 2015


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