Video Review: Coldplay “Up & Up”

A girl swings on a porch attached to a branch while a huge wave rolls towards her. A little girl fishes in a parking lot, a bridge imposed over it. Women run to the roof. One of the women points directly a star. In a cereal bowl, women perform a quick routine. A football field is on a sponge, lying by the sink. People dive off a plane’s wing and into a hotel pool. Popcorn shoots out of a volcano. A man eats a dessert shaped like a landmark. Older film footage shows a boy throwing a ball with the mountains towering right behind him.

Drummer Will Champion, who has grown a dozen sizes, plays his drums next to the mountains. A woman floats under water as traffic speeds down the expressway. A gigantic eagle flies over a boat. A family surveys their bowls of water with ships riding across it. Chris Martin lies on a flattened Croatia. Skydivers run out of a plane and into a bowl of noodles. People surf as a shark is above them. A man lies on top of a miniature plane. A car scales high rises and lands on another set of buildings. Cars go through a tunnel which leads to outer space.

A gymnast cartwheels over an exploding forest fire. An oversized paper cup is trashed in a river. A city rests on a bed of water from a bath tub. Two little boys walk in hand in the street as thousands of fish swim. A man bikes over a crowd of people. A vacuum cleans a field. The sheep wait to the side. Dolphins race to shore where a city is placed on top of it. A man catapults over trees and into a lake. A woman sits in the middle of a city. A plane flies among the planets. An expressway is constructed overlooking the stars. Martin rests on a mountain, his foot on the edge of the ocean. A turtle swims in the subway as the trains rush past. Helicopters fly over a field of huge flowers. Two men stand on the edge of a rocket.

A horse race happens over water as people from older film footage from the 50s take in a boat ride. People ski over a bedsheet while a woman sleeps. A plane lands on a volcano.A man washes soaps a waterfall. A woman sits on the subway as it goes through outer space. People swim in a washing machine. Two cars race on a ring of a planet. A final image of a planet ends the song.


Rating: 1/5

The images aspire to make the impossible attainable. However, in execution it clearly looks fake, plastic and computer generated. Unfortunately, a majority of the images lean towards ridiculous and odd: popcorn erupting out of a volcano, people made to be giants to be larger than the city and/or the country. The most erroneous is Martin, lying on the Croatia, which resembles tiles on a bathroom floor than an actual country.

However, most images simply don’t work: a woman floating in the sky with traffic below, which doesn’t go together at all. Then there’s a man eating a landmark from an ice cream bowl, which might as well be from a baking show competition and a girl swinging with the waves waiting to crash by her. It looks like a national tragedy is about to occur.

Only a couple of images hit the mark: the cars racing on a planet’s ring, the family dinner with ships floating in it, the turtle swimming in the subway. Each of these ideas push the concept in the creative way it was intended, creating arresting visuals with meaning behind them. Loaded with self-importance, the ideas are second to ego.

Directors: Vania Heymann & Gal Muggia  Year: 2016

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