Video Review: Rihanna & Drake “Work (Version 1)”

Outside the Real Jerk in Toronto, people can be heard chattering as they wait in line to get inside. Rihanna arrives wearing a pink coat. Riding in a separate car, Drake follows her. A comic book with the title of the song leads to Rihanna’s feet.

Wearing a Tommy Hilfiger crochet short maxi dress and crochet bikini, she stands up and then begins to dance. The lights, strung along the bar, form a golden glow throughout the restaurant. Broken glasses of liquor bottles litter the floor. A woman licks her joint and then takes a puff from it. Rihanna lets a woman grinds against her. A server picks up empty bottles from the tables. The DJ plays his set, headphones around his neck, as people fan themselves as they dance. On all fours, Rihanna shakes her butt. People get in the center and then begin to show off their moves.

A man exhales, a steady stream of thick smoke coming out his mouth. Drake sits in the corner, talking with a friend. After dancing, she laughs into Drake’s hip. In the kitchen, a cook moves her shoulders as she flips over wings in the grill. Servers take out plates of ribs and chicken to the customers. Drake hangs out in the corner by the bar, rapping his verse. He takes a sip from his drink and then gestures. In the corner, Rihanna grinds against Drake, leaning in close to him. Drake admires the view as Rihanna rubs her butt against him. She leans into his chest as he makes rolling motions with his hands. She smiles when he puts his arms around her.

A bartender pours liquor into clear plastic cups. A couple dances close together. A woman opens her legs as a person reaches for her crotch. Rhanna dances in front of a mirror. People lean to the right with their arm. Rihanna puts her face to the mirror and continues to dance.


Rating: 5/5

Rihanna and The Real Jerk, already considered a landmark in Toronto, become one and the same in the music video. Where the Real Jerk begins is where Rihanna ends. Decked in Rastafarian colors, matching the walls of the restaurant, Rihanna takes in the island life ambience, reminding her of her home in Barbados.

She and Drake do not take over the space and instead become a part of the crowd. Rihanna chooses to dance with other people and by herself, briefly while Drake spends most of the time stuck in the corners, trying not to bump into people.

Rihanna and Drake have their own shorthand at this point. When he raps “if I had a twin, I would still choose you,” she returns the compliment with a sweet smile, knowing the lyric is true. The natural affection shows through as fall into each other with safety and comfort. When Drake’s around, Rihanna lets her guard down and opens up, revealing the vulnerability beneath her tough surface. She’s centered and has a verve to her that usually doesn’t exist when she’s by herself. Drake brings out a side of her that she doesn’t really show on her own.

Director: Director X  Year: 2016


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