Video Review: Christina Perri “Human”

On a stage, Christina Perri sits on a circle platform while the columns next to her light up in a pale blue. As the lights flash, she briefly turns into a silhouette and then fades into the pitch black. When the white light shines on her, her body becomes skeletal. She stares off into the distance as the camera pans away.

A fan is turned is on and whirs in the background. A wheel turns in the machinery. Perri looks down and closes her eyes.

Relaxing on the platform, she unfolds her hands from her legs and prepares to stand up. She stands up in the white and balances herself on the circle. The screen fades to black.

When the light returns, she steps off and walks, her bones and joints shown. Gears turn. She continues to walk, her shadow seen. The lights flash, revealing the muscles beneath her skin. More wires and steel attached to machinery stir and gurgle in the background.

As she walks, she shakes her head with determination, vowing not to let anyone put her down. She raises her arm to her shoulder, the light reflecting the muscles within. She belts the lyrics, causing sparks to fly. She puts her hands over head and the screen shakes. Fade to black.

The light turns on slowly while Perri focuses on the floor. Closing her eyes, she thinks of all the rejection she has faced. As she raises her arms up, sparks fall like snowflakes. The camera blurs her image some. Silver and copper coins drop as Perri faces the camera. The platform remains empty.


Rating: 4/5

Christina Perri, in her crop top and boy shorts, appears fragile and tiny on a platform. It seems as though she may fall. However, it’s the point: she is vulnerable. She is pointing out that she is not a button to be pressed nor is she just a profile picture on social media. Some days her voice may break. Other days she may be upset with her job.

In the minimalist video, she’s turning the idiom cog in the wheel into a literal concept. The machinery above her represents how she is viewed by others. She is more than a number. She has tattoos and long, chestnut brown hair. She has talent and prefers substance. It leads to one question she has likely been asking herself: why is she being left behind while her peers have surpassed her? What’s holding her back from mainstream success?

The easy answer would be that she’s not blonde. However, it also brings up questions as to why her record company isn’t capitalizing on the fact that she is different from everyone else. It has to be frustrating.

Director: Elliott Sellers  Year: 2014


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