Video Review: Debbie Gibson “Foolish Beat”

At a show, Debbie Gibson puts her hands over her head as the music begins. She is lit in silhouette. She turns to the side, rolling her hands and then puts her hand over face.

Smoke breathes from the pavement as people walk by in the city. At the café, she thanks the server for the coffee. She looks at the table next to her. In black-and-white, she and her ex-boyfriend are on their first date. He had stacked the cups and saucers to impress her. On top he put a flower and then gave it to her. It was so sweet of him to do that.

With her arms on the table, she thinks of how she took him for granted. Back then, (show again in black-and-white), it annoyed her. Then, she thought he was trying to too hard.

In her bedroom, she sits by her mirror and sulks. She wipes a tear from her eye. She thinks of how she broke up with him. He was willing to reason with her. However, she simply got up and walked away, telling him goodbye. He sat there at the table by himself, his eyes closed and hand on his head, wondering what he did wrong.

Returning to black-and-white, she thinks of when she saw him at the café. She was with a friend. She had seen him through a window and smiled. He smiled back and continued to read his newspaper.

At the pier, she holds onto the bar and takes a walk, her eyes filled with tears. She crosses her arms and watches the black water, which is the same color as her heart right now.

In her room, she puts her hand on her shoulder and her head down, unable to look at herself. She looks up once the memory fades of them hugging.

At her show, the spotlight is on her as she performs. People wave their arms back and forth.

She remembers when they were dating, they stopped by a flower cart. He had picked out a red rose but a little boy riding on a skateboard plucked it out of his hand. They all had a good laugh about it. Later, he bought her a couple roses and gazed at her.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend walks around in the city and stops at her concert venue. However, he can only stand there by the velvet ropes, with a bouquet of flowers. He considers going inside but thinks she doesn’t want to see him. He throws the bouquet in the trash and walks back home.

She looks right into the audience and puts her head down after singing. The screen fades to black.


Rating: 4.5/5

The video holds itself to a high standard. It has a logical and clear storyline. There’s a good mix of present and the past, to get an idea of what kind of couple they were. Even though Debbie Gibson is in the wrong, she is able to be sympathetic. She realized she was being immature and needed to grow up.

She returns to the café, hoping to see him and remember her relationship. She isn’t able to move on. However, he appears to have forgiven her but can’t bring himself to talk to her yet. He’s a really great guy, with some quirks. However, he’s not without his faults, either. A sweet moment outside the café becomes awkward when she lingers a little too long. Initially, he seems taken aback and standoffish. He softens once he realizes she’s there. It’s those specific clues that develop both them fully as characters.

The video goes above and beyond what is expected from the bubblegum pop genre. It wants to tell an engrossing story involving two people in love, no matter the age.

Director: Nick Willing Year: 1988


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