Video Review: Karmin “Acapella”

In a kelly green outfit, Nick Noonan puts a piece of bread in the matching toaster. A forest green machine rolls. Back towards the camera, Amy Heidermann-Noonan runs her fingers through her hair, showing off her Coach watch and gold ring. Nick, bored, rests his arm on a green trash can and mouths the sounds.

Against a white background, Nick and Amy stand in front wearing all blue as the dancers behind them are decked out in white outfits. Amy twirls her hair. Nick does more mouth gestures. She puts her fingers over her thumb, making the chatty gesture.

In a blue room, an ocean blue pumpkin is on a table. Someone squeezes a tube of toothpaste. Nick hits the green trash can like a drum. She and the dancers punch the air to the right with their arms.

In a navy blue room, with a pale blue light, Amy moves her arms and smirks. Amy and Nick stand back to back, Amy points her one of her fingers out like a gun while Nick pushes his sunglasses up from his nose.

Amy and the dancers jump up and down while Nick stands with his hands behind his head. A fake stack of bread is dropped on the table. A magician points his stick on a top hat. However, the rabbit is already there. With her back facing the camera, Amy pretends to brush something off her shoulder. Nick drums on the trash can.

A lime green pacifier is on the table. Against a shell pink background with a white floor, Nick and Amy wear all red. Sprinkled cheese falls on a dish of spaghetti with a salad and bread rolls to represent Olive Garden. With a fishbowl lens, she and Nick spin around in the red Mercedes-Benz. While resting on the car, he puts his arms behind his head and mouths his part. A rotary phone is off the hook.

Against the blue background, Amy does the robot, letting her arm swing in the air. Nick opens the garbage can and holds up a trash bag.

In a lime green background (and wearing clothes to match), Amy sits on a couch while Nick dances out of frame. They do a silly dance. Nick puts his foot on the table as Amy leans forward. Then, a bunch of people surround them.

The blue pumpkin rolls away. Back against a white background, the lime green set is expanded to include two windows placed haphazard while Amy stands up behind the couch, putting her arms on it and does a version of the push-ups. On the couch, Amy touches her leg. After pounding his trash can drum, he puts his arms out, proclaiming his greatness.

On the couch, Amy puts her thumbs underneath her chin and rests her hands against her cheeks to holler out the lyrics. Against the blue background, she crawls around on all fours and then again, on the couch. She sits behind Nick while he stretches out. Against a white background, she’s made to be tiny and begins to screech.

The toast pops up and Nick catches it as he sits on the couch. It’s been toasted to have the dollar sign in it. He tosses it without looking to Amy in the blue background. Amy displays the dollar sign on it again and takes a bite. The song pauses to let her chew. It crunches in her mouth and she swallows.

All the sequences are shown again and they dance. On the couch, Amy spreads her legs out and then she slides on it. Then, in the blue background, she points to the camera.


Rating: 0/5

Product placement is a necessary evil for music videos. After all, the money has to come from somewhere. However, it’s not often the side-eye is given to the actual product and not to the performer.

With Coach and Mercedes-Benz, they downgrade their products by being associated with a music video based on a cheap color scheme and random things placed on a table. It’s free publicity but at a cost of their products looking discount and losing their luxury appeal.

Olive Garden, on the other hand, proudly sponsored them. At that at the time, they needed as much help as Karmin did regarding their sales figures. In 2015, Olive Garden was able to recover, the band a mere blip to the company. Karmin hasn’t been heard from since.

At least the music video was able to get some dancers paychecks for rent and a credit to their resume.

Director: Matt Stawski  Year: 2013

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