Video Review: Teena Marie “Lovergirl”

Against a black background, Teena Marie’s face is shown. Her golden hoop earring lights up and leads to the stage. The drummer begins to play. With her back towards the stage, she and the crowd snap their fingers.

At the “whee!,” Teena Marie turns around, playing her guitar. The crowd stands up and begins to clap. The guitarists join her in the back and they perform a dance routine.

As she sings into the microphone, the crowd waves their hands in the air. She holds the guitar up and down. Then, she takes the microphone off the stand and begins to work the crowd for about a minute before returning to the microphone stand. The keyboardist gives Teena Marie an annoyed look and surprisingly does not roll her eyes.

She spins around in a dizzying circle as the guitarist plays his solo. The keyboardist shuffles her shoulders to the music, getting into it. A guitarist concentrates on the notes. She later the joins the guitarists, sitting on the floor of the stage. She walks to the front of the crowd, belting. She spins around again as the lights put in her silhouette, as they change from purple to red. She bends up and down to the music, moving her head up fast, likely giving herself whiplash.

At the end, she turns to the camera and with a forceful fist and wanting look.


Rating: 0/5

The opening, which is take off from the album art, builds upon the animated cover. It makes her earring shine, which in turns becomes a light on the stage. However, it’s never seen again.

The video decides to stay with the concert, which becomes monotonous since it repeats itself every thirty seconds or so. Seeing the other band members is a welcome break from the repetition. The background, even with her bobbing her head, would’ve broke it up some.

While she is talented, she is an average stage performer. She is trying really, really hard to be entertaining. It doesn’t come off as natural. When she joins the guitarists towards the end, it’s as though it’s she’s feeling left out after being out of the frame for less than ten seconds. It’s gets to be too much of her after a while.

Director: N/A  Year: 1984


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