Video Review: Ne-Yo “So Sick”

Split between three screens, various angles of the snow-capped mountains are shown. In the center, Ne-Yo hikes through the mountains, unable to shake his ex-girlfriend’s smile. He stands by the fence and gives himself a moment.

The buttons of a phone are shown while Ne-Yo sits at home, his face in his hands as he hears the message. He knows he has to change it but he can’t. Outside, the streetlights are on and the police sirens blare. He thinks of how they would play: he would hold onto her arm until they got to the window. He walks home. His girlfriend’s stern face is shown in red. He mopes on his couch.

They would have snowball fights in the forest. They have long conversations at the café.

The border changes to show various angles of Ne-Yo’s face and then his ex-girlfriend is in the center briefly. Sitting by the fire, he thinks of all his dreams that are now dead. He thinks of how they would make love by the fireplace.

The border changes back to the mountains. They loved to ski and often would go on trips. As they rode on the lift, she would lean in close to him and smile.


Rating: 1/5

The border is distracting. It doesn’t really add to the action and cuts off the main picture in the center. Mountains are spacious enough, the multiple angles make them even larger to the point they take over the screen.

In between, Ne-Yo only has a third of the screen. When he dances on the snow, it doesn’t connect since the movement is really seen. His section is claustrophobic, with his face as tight as possible to the screen and then everything possible is shoved in there – his girlfriend, their memories. It’s overwhelming.

The border is great for the introduction but loses its appeal afterwards. The constant emphasis on the cold, combined with the dreariness of the weather, pulls the video down. There isn’t any hope or desire. It’s a harsh winter that never ends.

Director: Hype Williams  Year: 2006


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