Video Review: One Direction “Drag Me Down”

The screen opens up as the members of One Direction are in their space suits, getting checked out to make sure everything is in its proper place.

In the hanger, Harry speaks right into the camera. Niall practices on a harness, trying to learn to float. In a simulation room, an engineer is explaining a specific detail while one Liam works out on a stationary bike.

Louis steps out of the group and grins. In the ship, he learns to steer and adjust the controls. Meanwhile, Liam breathes hard as he continues to work out.

It’s Liam turn to have a have a solo moment. He stands out in both in and outside the hanger. Niall turns around to see hear what someone was saying.

Harry mimics a robot’s movements by moving his hands up and down. The robot does the hand horns and then counts down his fingers before putting his hand into a fist.

The doors open and the simulated ship begins to move. Louis doesn’t know what to expect. Outside, Niall puts his arms out. Liam pushes himself to do one more mile. Niall bounces back to the floor and examines the area. The robot puts his hands into a “V” and points to his eyes. Harry copies the movement.

With their space suits on, Liam takes a deep breath to relax himself. However, Louis can’t wait. They grab their helmets and leave for the ship. Harry and the robot have a cup of tea. Somewhat unnerved by the robot, he stares mystified at it.

They have their Armageddon moment, as they walk in slow motion to the space ship, helmets in hand. They walk up a couple of flights of stairs and enter an elevator. In the NASA control room, the engineers are prepared, waiting for the launch.

They step into the rocket, one by one. Harry waves goodbye. As they sit backwards, the engineers shake their hands and wish them luck. They tell each other to have a safe trip.

The fire under the ship rises and the rocket takes off. The engineers congratulate each other while One Direction sits in the seats, too freaked out to say anything at all.

The rocket enters outer space and circles the planet.


Rating: 5/5

The members of One Direction get to go to space camp and train before their launch. Each member is given is a job – Louis will be the pilot, Liam appears to be the overall leader, Niall’s work is to collect objects found on the planet and Harry will handle all communication.

Harry and the robot steal the show. When Harry drinks tea and sees that the robot is mimicking him, he gives the robot an annoyed look as if to say “you can seriously stop now.”

While Niall and Liam stick to the showing the serious sides of their personalities and Louis prefers to goof off, Harry is able to be both. He’s not easy to pin down and figure out. He displays enough of his personality to get an idea but then slips out another layer.

Watching the training is perhaps more fascinating than when they suit up. The band is into it and although they seem to be a bit nervous and uncertain, they seem to be getting something out of it. However, their reactions as they about to leave are awesome: poor Liam looks like he wants to throw up, Louis thinks it’s a roller coaster, Harry’s bored and Niall is as ready he’ll ever be.

Director: Ben and Gabe Turner  Year: 2015

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