Video Review: Thomas Rhett “Vacation”

In Hawaii, Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren, land on the ground after skydiving A person asks how it was. He responds that it’s the “craziest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.”

After a pair of goggles are shown, he and his wife are shown falling backwards from the plane. Nieces and nephews stand in a group on a beach, their hands pointed like guns.

At the beach, his wife gets out of the water. He clinks a beer bottle with a family member. He slides on the sand, heading towards the water. He sticks his tongue out at the camera. Meanwhile, the nieces and nephews mug for the camera and dance along.

He and his wife run into the waves and swim. They pose for a photo. He puts her head underneath the water. They jump from a rock into the water. She swims by him and puts her arms around him. A turtle floats by. Next, everyone plays chicken in the ocean. One of his nieces tries to surf but gets wiped out. He tries to surf again but lands on the sand, rolls around as his board gets taken by the water. He lets the waves hit him.

While waiting to skydive, he claps his hands together. On the plane, he looks to his wife, nervous. They fall out of the plane and roll in the sky. In the air, he folds his hands in prayer.

As they snorkel, they view the ocean life. They swim towards each other and he kisses her. One of his nephews does a cartwheel.

Back at the sky diving, his wife bounces up and down, excited that she did it. He gives his friend a high-five.


Rating: 5/5

The fast-paced video maintains its high energy throughout. It runs on adrenaline and excitement with lots of family fun, too.

Rhett and his wife are a good couple. When he kisses her under water, it’s such an intimate moment that it feels voyeuristic. In between, they play chicken with the kids and hang out on the beach. Mostly, the kids are given their own time as they sing along.

Considering it’s homemade, not everyone is pretty all the time. Rhett wears old t-shirts. Lauren’s hair is often out of place and she’s wearing plain clothes, too. It’s great to see family, although it seems to be her side. It’s relatable and normal without feeling like a reality show. The experience is being shared as a way to open up to fans and give him a piece of his personal life. However, it’s done in a controlled way that makes him comfortable.

It looks like it was an awesome family vacation that created many memories for everyone. As a bonus, if they ever want to revisit it, they can go on Youtube.

Director: TK McKamy  Year: 2016


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