Video Review: Cobra Starship & Sabi “You Make Me Feel”

In mood reading photo booth, Sabi raises her hand to the top of her head. Next, Gabe steps inside, wearing a varsity jacket and black sunglasses. When he takes his picture, it shows Sabi and the word incomplete. His reads the same thing. He looks around, wondering where she is. They need to talk.

At the bar, he places the photo of her on the table. The photo moves as she blows a kiss. He sits in the center as the glasses and glasses are served to the table.

In the lounge, she dances close to the wall. Victoria fixes her bangs. On the dance floor, Sabi dances by a pole while Victoria enters a bathroom with several men. Gabe hugs one of his friends. People leave the bathroom, totally wowed. Victoria, her makeup smudged and hair messed up, smiles by the door.

In the photo booth, Sabi gives the middle finger. Zelda Williams blows a kiss. Robin Williams does a quick hand movement. Gabe pours Zelda a drink. Ryland follows a drink with his mouth but it’s given to someone else.

In the moving photo, Sabi kicks the air. Back in the photo booth, people pose. Notably Robin Williams and Victoria bounce from side to side on the seat.

On an iPad, using Bing as the search engine, Nate orders food. When it arrives, he takes one, huge bite out of it. Lettuce and the sauce drip on his face but he doesn’t care.

Gabe is able to catch up to Sabi. When he shows her the photo, she smiles and they go into the booth together. Zelda punches the air. Sabi holds the wall in her own shot.

With Gabe, she takes a pair of sunglasses out of her shirt and puts them on him as the lights dim. The lights turn on and they give the camera an embarrassed look. They laugh as people’s photos are shown. Nate dives into the hamburger. Victoria puts her lip purse over her mouth. Ryland pouts in his photo, his mood read as “thirsty.” At the table, he feels left out.

In the photo booth, Sabi sits on Gabe’s lap as the message reads “complete.”


Rating: 4/5

While Cobra Starship’s videos usually revolve around drinking and some sort of illegal activity associated with it, “You Make Me Feel” is more like a get together of friends at bar.

At the bar, they hang out with their friends, including Zelda Williams and catch up. In the photo booth, her father Robin Williams makes an appearance. It’s been two years since he has passed and seeing him is both jarring and reminiscent  at the same time. He’s expressionless face is haunting and his despondence is apparent. To everyone else in the world, he was the funny guy they grew up with on “Mork and Mindy,” the 90s kids who fell in love with the father in Mrs. Doubtfire and watched him win an Oscar for Good Will Hunting. To Zelda, he was just Dad, who perhaps she wanted to get out of the house for a little while.

The carefree atmosphere unintentionally causes the issue to hit home more so than it usually would, considering his death in 2014.

In the photo booth, everyone takes their turn and makes silly faces. They all take a group photo and Gabe gets a chance to greet all his friends. It’s like being invited to a party and seeing the memories on a slideshow later about how the couple finally got it together.

Director: Kai Regan  Year: 2011

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