Video Review: Fifth Harmony & Ty Dolla $ign “Work From Home”

At a construction site, a bronzed man picks up a small, opened bag of cement and puts its on his shoulder. Standing at the mixer is Camila, who drops to the ground, bending her legs. When she stands up, she holds the mixer and arches her back, closing her eyes.

She walks away, taking off her white hard hat and sits down at the edge of the plow. Normani steps out of it and stops by the wheel, rolling her body around as a construction worker watches her. He offers her hand and she stays close to him, bending close to his crotch and then twerks.

On the concrete pool, Fifth Harmony performs a dance routine. The men, muscled and oiled, drill into the ground and carry boards to the house.

Inside the house, Ally Brooke sits on a table, holding a hammer. Meanwhile, a construction worker worries he might hurt himself with the hammer. When Ally Brooke turns him around and tugs on his black shirt, he lights up. She leaves him and stands in another part of the house, touching her chest.

Dinah stands against the wall and then struts over to table, opening up the blueprint and plays with the measuring tape before laying it down. Lauren holds a torch, which emits a lavender light. At the table, Lauren chases the worker away and aims the torch towards nothing in particular. She puts her hand in her air and slides slowly towards the worker.

As Fifth Harmony walks down the steps, Ty Dolla $ign, in a tank top and overalls, carries a hammer over his shoulder throughout the halls of the house. He meets them at the steps right when they all their butts up in the air.

Outside the house, Fifth Harmony performs another routine, thrusting their arms and fanning themselves. The men mop and wipe their foreheads. A final shot of the group ends the video.

Rating: 3/5

The video is an elaborate fantasy that isn’t sure if it’s satirizing erotica or wants to be an upscale version of it.

While the shirtless and oiled up men offer the beefcake portion, the young women of Fifth Harmony shake and rub their bodies in slow motion, fingering the phallic tools and getting off on the power of the machinery.

The ultra masculine men seem to be lifted from the centerfold of Playgirl, their expressions blank, allowing them to be whoever the person viewing them wants to be. However, Fifth Harmony appear to orgasm at the sight of a hammer, setting up plotlines that would be found in the dark depths of Tumblr and self-published fan fiction available everywhere on the Internet, inspiring such passages as:

“Oh!,” Camila exclaims to Brett, the local townie in the area, who wants to find a better life outside of construction, “This torch is as hot as a grilled cheese sandwich in the frying pan.”

He thinks of all the mornings he left many girls alone after a night of passion, ignoring their wild-eyes pleas to keep the day going with their request for a cinnamon bagel.

“Do you need help, Cami?” He asks, leaning into her back. He sniffs the scent of her wild berry shampoo and tries not to get enveloped in it. It’s as though she ran in the orchards all day long, absorbing the fruit into her bones, and it became a part of her.

“No,” she responds.

He returns back to reality, thinking of school, his plans of a bachelorhood lifestyle and how his growing feelings for Camila could ruin it all.

Director: Director X  Year: 2016


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