Video Review: Kristinia DeBarge “Sabotage”

Kristinia DeBarge opens the wooden doors to a room with only a piano. A shot of her fades in as she looks into the camera and fades out once she looks down. It fades to her taking a seat on a bus and then to her sitting at the piano.

On the bus, she puts her head by the window. She wakes up, with one hand on the bar and the other on the window. She gets off the bus at her stop

At the piano, she looks above as she wears a rose pink, strapless gown. After playing, she begins to walk around the room. She eventually walks outside to the balcony. Back inside the room, she arches her back against the piano.

Then she’s at a dark alley, leaning against a wall and then performs a routine with the dancers. She mostly pumps her chest a lot.

In her room, she kicks her one leg up as she sits on the foot of her bed. Then, she hangs backwards, with her head over the foot.

In the street, in her white shredded tank top and bleached jeans, she performs another routine, which mostly involves her touching her chest.

Back on the bed, she bends over, touching the ends of her knees. Finally, she sits backwards on the bed, running the edges of her hand over her head and then to her face.


Rating: 3/5

The video does make an effort to show both the innocent Kristinia and bad girl version of herself. It’s done through settings and clothing. For instance, the good part of her is sitting at the piano, working on her music, wearing a romantic gown. Meanwhile, the naughty Kristinia is found in the alleys at midnight, wearing a leather jacket and dark pants.

It’s convincing and redeems her from being the nasty piece of work displayed in the previous video of hers. It serves as better impression of her talent, even if she is too obsessed with her chest (pumping it and touching it repeatedly). Her last name may have given her an in but she is able to live up to it. How she has not become a cult favorite like Cassie is surprising.

Director: Taj  Year: 2009


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