Video Review: Jennifer Love Hewitt “How Do I Deal”

In a studio, she stands near a vintage car, holding onto her hair.

Next, she sits on a chair while a screen is located to the back of her. Hung like a towel on two rods, dips and shakes it plays the first clip from “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,” which involves her character Julie glances over her shoulder, thinking she heard a strange noise.

By the vintage car, she puts her hands over head while the screen reads: “I still know what you did last summer.”

A curtain hung over a wall and a camera beside her, she sits on the chair and waves her fingers. The screen shows Julie and Karla (Brandy) screaming in the rain. In another clip, Julie lets out a blood curdling yell.

Sitting matter-of-factly on the chair, she shrugs and expresses her frustration.

She stands awkwardly closer to the car, unsure of what to do with her hands and then steps away from it, putting her face near to the camera..

In the chair, she turns her head to the left, frowning. A fisherman’s hook dangles in the film clip.

Hewitt laughs, a huge smile on her face. On the screen, Karla and Tyrell (Mekhi Phifer) kiss.

In a tight, yellow sweater, she puts her arms behind her head and lies down on the couch.

The film strip, blurry, shows at least the three of the leads, sharing a bed, too scared to go out. Was Freddie Prinze, Jr. in the movie at all? There aren’t any signs of him.

Wearing a dark coat, trimmed with fur, she buries her head in it and then reveals her face again.

Sitting on her back on the bed, she rests her head on her chest and then closes her eyes, resting her hand next to her. Meanwhile, Karla screams again. She sits up on the bed again, trying to figure out the situation.

In the film clip, Ray (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), in a suit and tie, thinks or maybe he’s puzzled. Tyrell turns around, knowing that he committed a horror movie sin.

She puts her hand in front of the camera. In the film clip, Julie, hearing a weird sound, turns around in the shower. Meanwhile, Ben Willis stalks the house. In another film clip, Julie looks as though she is strung to a tree, with her hands.

On the bed, she touches the fabric and pushes herself up. Will (Matthew Settle) is suspicious as he steps out in front of the group. Meanwhile, Ray shouts. Ben Willis’ opens the door and enters the house. Julie wonders…maybe. By the car, she puts her hands up and does a silent scream. She does jumping jacks and swings her arms.

In the navy coat, she lets out another scream but with a playful smile. On the bed, she wakes up, serious and in thought. Ben Willis stalks some more. Tyrell is determined.

Hewitt twirls. A car accident happens. Karla’s eyes pop out of her head. She dances a little by the car.

On the bed, she looks up, studying the ceiling.


Rating: 0/5

With the screen swimming in the background, it’s difficult to gauge who exactly is in the movie and what’s it about. From a stylistic standpoint, it’s a cool idea. However, to promote a real movie, it falls short.

Hewitt leaves her perky image behind and gets to be moody. Her irritation, though, is equal to being ticked off that the guy ahead of her is going 50 miles per hour on the expressway and she can’t get past him rather than “some guy keeps trying to kill me and my friends because I committed a hit-and-run with my now-dead friends, then decided to hide the body. ‘Cause my future! Sorry, new friends. Oh, and you might die, too. Sorry again.”

However, all the worry makes it seems like it’s some 90s indie art think piece when instead it features an actor and actress fulfilling a contract, a pop star trying to build a movie career, and two actors getting their feet in their door of Hollywood.

Director: Joseph Kahn  Year: 1999


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