Video Review: Ella Henderson “Ghost”

In the night, a man breathes hard in the woods. Thinking he’s safe, he rests but he continues to look around to see if anyone is following him.

Outside a motel, Ella Henderson in the parking lot, wandering in the front of the neon sign.

The man goes from tree to tree, holding onto the bark. A foot splashes in the water. The sirens blare. Police officers, along with a search dog, get out of their cars. The man runs through river. The dog barks and the police aim their flash lights.

She looks out the hotel window, thinking of her mother and father. Her father adored her mother. They would go camping often. Her mother would put her finger in the water and they would boat out on the lake.

Believing he is out of view, he stops. Then, he breaks out in a run. Further out, he collapses, out of breath and cries. He’s going to get caught. He knows it. It’s over.

In another hotel room, a shirtless man, with hand print tattoos, stands in front of a mirror.

She peeks through the blinds.

The shirtless man takes a photo of her mother down from his mirror.

In the woods, the man puts his hands on his head. He finds the road and runs down the street.

In front of a cabin, the shirtless man strangles her mother and dumps her body in the water. Her father found her and cried out in pain. In that moment, his life ended, too.

She walks down the road, the police escorting her.

However, the police have caught up to him and are following him. He turns in another direction and heads for the motel.

At the door, he isn’t sure what to do. He puts his hand over his sweat-ridden face, scared. As the sirens blare, he bursts through the door where the shirtless man is waiting.


Rating: 4.5/5

The murder of a young woman, something the shirtless man had described in detail, was one of his favorites. She was so beautiful. He and one of his friends tracked the couple for weeks. When they realized they were going on a camping trip, they knew it was the time.

Every so often, the other man liked to revisit the crime. He would often go to the lake, sit back and replay it over in his head.

Henderson had been informed new information had been found in the case of her mother. They had found her killers. She thinks of her father. Her father wasn’t ever the same afterwards. He died years later from alcoholism and was distant. Knowing that the two men who took away who took away his happiness are facing jail time, wouldn’t provide him solace.

She remains the center figure of the story, the one who became the most affected by the events of the murder. For her, she thinks it might bring some peace.

It’s open-ended, allowing for multiple points of views regarding the man who was running away from the police and the extent of his involvement. By not spelling it out, it invites discussions and theory as to what happened. Like the audience, the narrative isn’t clear and there are still more explanations needed.

However, it’s a grim but heartbreaking story that doesn’t really have a happy ending. The shirtless man has nothing to lose and will likely kill his friend who led the cops to him. Although it means the killers will finally be tried, she will have to relive it in court.

Director: Charles Mehling  Year: 2014


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