Video Review: Lukas Graham “7 Years”

In black-and-white, a burning book falls from the sky. In a theater, sheets of paper rain down around Lukas as he sits in a seat, with his feet up, writing in a notebook. Statues in Copenhagen, Denmark are shown, as well as a sign for the Green Light District.

He lifts his head, pen in hand, trying to think of the exact word.

A young boy does a flip on a skateboard and writes on a chalkboard. A family stands outside their balcony.

In Christiana, Lukas stands at a burning garbage can, with several people. A dog looks to see what’s going on. A little boy walks ahead of Lukas, mouthing the lyrics. A boy tears a page out of a notebook and folds it into a triangle.

Lukas walks in a forest. Then, he steps onto a stage in Los Angeles. The band director tells them to play and rehearsal begins.

A smiling fan beams as she watches the band in the front row. The paper is put on a rock outside and he lights it.

The band is announced and the crowd screams. He throws his hat to the audience. Back at his home, birds fly over the electrical lines. As he writes from a hotel in Los Angeles, he gets frustrated with his work. He tears out the page and then once outside, tosses it over the hill.

The ball of paper is on fire. Backstage, the band embrace and drink beer. They have taken off their shirts. He slaps one of the band members lightly on his butt. A citizen of Denmark stands, out of focus.

The ball of paper turns to ash. An older man walks down his drive, mouthing the lyrics. When he sees Lukas, he puts his arm around him. He throws out his book. He sits by a grave. After paying his respects, he leaves.

The book crashes. It causes an explosion behind him. Shreds of paper fly in the air. The band is shown is out of focus. Backstage, they wind down. During rehearsal, he hurls his jacket over the stage.

Back in the seats, he sits with his arms across two seats and his band members behind him.

The book continues to fly among the clouds.


Rating: 1/5

Becoming an adult is discovering the nuances and doublespeak of language, losing people and figuring out a purpose. Lukas Graham views growing up as a tragedy, destroying innocence without a care. It’s as though turning 8 years means the best years of a person’s life is over.

The black-and-white, meant to be serious and add importance, casts a gloomy pall. It’s in mourning, praying for the citizens still living, getting through life minute by minute. Mortality is a demon that must be fought. But the people are tired, dreaming of a past they cannot change and a dismal future they can’t see changing.

It’s true that life is difficult and trying. But Lukas Graham sees adversity as something to be feared and as a weakness. However, it can’t be avoided and bad things will happen, which is a point that seems to be missed.

Director: Rene Sascha Johannsen  Year: 2015

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