Video Review: Flume & Kai “Never Be Like You”

A young woman is asleep in her bed. A breeze lifts up the curtain and the harsh light of the morning sun shines into her room.

She wakes up, hungover. She sees the pattern on her ceiling split it into two and move. She looks at her fingers. One grows by another inch while the others have become much more flexible. She gets up in her bed, trying to remember the night before.

She was hanging out by the bottles of liquor, which were set on the mantel. A man came over to her and she pushed him down on the seat. She poured herself a glass from a bottle and then maybe him. The images blur and twist into one another.

She put her arm across the mantel and poured herself another drink.

Later that morning, she washes her face in the sink. She wipes her face with a towel and puts the tip of it to her mouth. She wonders who the guy was. Maybe her neighbor? Or a co-worker. The bathroom tile runs together as she steps into the tub.

She hangs her one arm outside the tub and stares. The door turns sideways and to an angle, the knob higher than it was before. She opens her eyes again, trying to focus.

Last night, she thinks she pulled the guy towards her by his legs. At one point, there was hug and a slow dance. They kissed. He lifted her long blonde hair up and she took off his shirt.

They kissed and she held the top of the door frame as he led her to the bedroom. She climbed on top of him and they began to have sex. The images flatten as their skin blends together to become one. She looks into his eyes.


Rating: 3/5

As the young woman recovers from her hangover, she sorts out another foggy night. Tired, she soaks in the bath, thinking of how many nights she will have before it’s too much. She’s a different person with liquor inside her. She giggles, has plenty of energy and becomes expressive.

Then it just ends, as though time ran out.

While it aptly depicts the memory loss and uncertainty with the hazy images, it doesn’t give a complete picture of the young woman. There are hints she’s unsatisfied with life. She doesn’t seem to have much going on. Drinking and having sex with guys is how she deals with it. However, with so little to go on, it’s more of an assumption of who she is.

Does she want to change? Did she drown herself? What happened? If she hadn’t been shown two times, setting a beginning and middle of the story, it wouldn’t be an issue. But the video is too in love with its visual effects to care.

Director: Clemens Habicht  Year: 2016


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