Video Review: Lorde “Royals (US Version)”

A suburban neighborhood rolls by, with each close together with two stories. They all look the same, except for a few variations.

Against a tan curtain, a fearless Lorde looks into the camera.

In a bedroom, a sheet is crumpled to the side of the bed. A discount store curtain hangs from a window next a plant.

In bed, a young man holds the sheet to his chest and looks out the window while another man takes a shower, a silver chain around his neck, as strands of water fall from his face and hair. The second young man has a solid build and a chest is peppered with freckles.

In the kitchen, he eats his cereal and looks for his roommate. The tube television’s screen has gone fuzzy.

While she doesn’t have much, she thinks with a smile, she has a ton of great memories.

At a gym, the second young man takes off his shoes. However, the laces are shredded and dirty. He takes them out of his shoes. Meanwhile, underneath a fan, a third young man bites the top of his shirt and then looks up at a strings of a basketball hoop. In the pool, the second young man shakes his head.

The second young man walks around the house, in shorts and a hoodie with boxing gloves, practicing some moves. His brother joins him and they spar in the family room.

The second young man shaves his head while the third young man sits sideways in a chair, his feet up on the arm rest, listening to music.

As clumps of hair fall into the sink, the young man’s brother laughs. The bottom of his chin has several red pimples. While swimming, he sits under water, holding onto his chest.

The third young man switches to another chair, his finger on his temple, bored.

Lorde gestures with her hand and then laughs. The second young man, his chin bloodied from shaving, laughs at the spatters it made on the mirror. A row of apartments are shown. Lorde closes her eyes and pulls her hair back.

At the subway, the young man looks from right to left as he waits for the train. He later rests on the track, his hands folded on his chest. They sit on the wooden bench, talking.

One of the young men puts his head on the window and frowns as the train begins to move. He keeps himself busy by looking at his reflection.

The suburban neighborhood rolls by again.


Rating: 3.5/5

At the grocery stores, Us Weekly and People are on the magazine racks, with their headlines of triumph or the latest scandal about a celebrity. The articles detail every pertinent conversation leading up to the breaking news from anonymous sources. It trends on social media and hashtags are created.

It’s a life many do not get to live. Most people live in the suburbs. Every morning, they might wake up to their neighbor hacking in their bathroom only a couple of feet away. They drive their 10-year-old car to the office building located in the nearby city to input data for eight hours. They eat at the family diner a couple of streets away.

It may be ordinary but it’s a life that still has value and importance. The magazine covers and hashtags get forgotten about as soon as the next scandal occurs.

Director: Joel Kefali  Year: 2013

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