Video Review: G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha “Me, Myself & I”

Driving down the expressway, G-Eazy says it’s his birthday but he doesn’t feel like doing anything. His girlfriend, bored of his complaining, says it will be just them. She adds that she’s the one driving and has the final word. G-Eazy shakes his head, saying “whatever.”

They climb up the stairs to his door. Once inside, an enthusiastic group of people yell “surprise!” and applaud. He stands with his hands to stomach and then turns away. His girlfriend points to someone, telling him they will have to speak with them, too.

In the bathroom, his inner self mocks the chorus of “surprise” he had heard.

Against a black background, G-Eazy is ticked off.

Within the crowd, Bebe Rexha keeps an eye on his inner self.

His inner self walks down the hallway of his home, ignoring the people he passes by, who are in conversation with other people. Cameras flash as he heads to the balcony outside. A person bumps into him and doesn’t say sorry. He puts his head down and tucks his arms in, attempting to avoid everyone.

Rexha notices his inner self walk by her without saying hello and a look of concern crosses her face. She puts a hand to heart, relating the pressure he is feeling.

At the party, she dances to the music while G-Eazy puts on a fake smile and catches up with people. Later, he passes by with his arm around his girlfriend and taking a swig from a liquor bottle with the other.

At the further end of a balcony, his inner self stands backwards, facing the house. In reality, his girlfriend takes him there for a private moment alone. But he takes a shot and they walk back together.

Returning to the black background, another G-Eazy appears, gesturing with his hands.

His girlfriend and a friend hold a white sheet cake while everyone sings happy birthday to him.

Back in the bathroom, he makes fun of the out of tune singing. Another inner version of himself tells him to shut up and deal. The original inner version of himself folds his arms across his chest and tells the other part of him to fuck off. A third version of himself shows up in the bathroom and tells them it’s a great party out there. They both tell him to shut up. The logical version of himself stands up for the moody version of himself, saying he doesn’t’ get it. The fun version says he’s making music and that’s all that matters. That hits a major button and the original version of G-Eazy as he raises his hands up in frustration, telling him to shut up. Then, they all start swearing at each other.

He blows out his candles and then hangs out in the bottom of the stairwell with one his friends, drinking.

In his head, he drives off in his car and drives down the expressway. He puts his fingers between his eyes, anxious. He bounces in his seat. The car isn’t going fast enough to get him out the city. A trail of smoke emits from the tires as he does a burnout in the parking lot somewhere. He lets out a cathartic scream as he turns back onto the road. Back in the car, he puffs out his cheeks, relieved.

Behind him, the police car turns on its sirens. He looks into the rearview mirror.

He thinks of the crowds cheering for him at his concerts and meeting the young children who look up to him. He thinks of the rush he gets while performing.

As he turns again, the tires squeal.

Against the black background, G-Eazy walks towards the camera as he narrates that “this is everything I dreamed of, it’s just the beginning.”


Rating: 4.5/5

G-Eazy is uncomfortable with his success. He sees through what he has wanted for a really long time. He finds himself missing the days of when he was broke and still trying to catch a break. Now, he has a publicist, a stylist, and people telling him who to be. It’s about promotion and not the music. The people at his party? He’s only known them a short while. They see him more as G-Eazy than his true self.

To have his first video depict himself as disillusioned with his fame is a risk. People can view him as ungrateful. But it doesn’t seem to be a fame issue. It’s the pressure to remain on top and continue the momentum of the constant hits. He’s feeling more like a corporation than like a person.

Rexha seems to be his mentor, guiding him. She seems to know more what is thinking than anyone else. She picks up on his moodiness and wants to help.

However, he needs to get the liquor out and cry along with Alexis Winston when she makes the triumphant return to skating after being blinded. Then Rexha can say to him “we forgot about the flowers” as a way to keep him motivated.

Director: Taj  Year: 2015


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