Video Review: Fergie & YG “L.A. Love (La La)”

Inside a bus, which is lit electric blue, Fergie hangs onto the poles as people talk and lounge about.

Outside, Fergie stands next to a palm tree, wearing a bikini. She caresses the tree and leans against it.

The bus, with a skull front. drives down the Los Angeles. Venice, as a golden sign, shows up on the screen. During a break, they stop and perform a routine.

With a bullhorn, she yells “la la” and they get some food at Randy’s Donuts. She sips her beverage through a styrofoam cup. Behind the counter of Chabelita, she tosses out fries. She opens a cooler and gets out some drinks. Hilary Swank grabs one and nods.

An animated screen scrolls by. Written in violet is Las Vegas. A little circle guy screams out as cars and umbrellas fly past, with the casinos behind the bus. The screen now says Tokyo in bright, fat pink letters. Little anime bears pout. An action figure takes up the center of the screen. For Miami, the letters are in pink but cursive style. Big red lips pass by. Water and the sand, along with an umbrella float by. A rainbow is over the bus.

Jamaica is written in block letters with the Rastafarian colors. A swirl of the Rastafarian colors is on the ground while a lion with a crown roars in the far left corner.

A woman refuels the bus as Fergie and her other friends dance. She touches one of her friends’ butts.

London gets it own animated screen. Big Ben totters over, getting run over by the bus. A cannonball rolls alongside the bus. France has its own screen but its limited to the lettering.

On the bus, she leans against DJ Mustard. They travel through the city at night.

For India, there are green elephants traveling through the screen. Puerto Rico gets palm trees while Venice has buildings shown in the background.

At the party, people begin to talk. Chelsea Handler holds onto a baby as Fergie shakes in her head in another section of the bus.

Sitting on the steps of the bus, YG raps. Kelly Osbourne dances a little bit. Wilmer Valderrama does a hand gesture. People hold onto the giant Beats By Dre.

In the backseat of a car, Fergie holds on as someone does burnouts in a parking lot. Tommy Chong holds Fergie’s hand. Someone picks up a postcard with her on it, kisses it and sprays perfume. The bus takes off and the postcard flies out. Ryan Seacrest sings with her at the end.


Rating: 4/5

The double decker bus, with its teal and orange swirls, decorated with standing palm trees and white lights, is beautiful in its gaudiness. The skull front seems to be inspired by the Day of the Dead, which continues with the international theme.

The video is a moving party through the streets of Los Angeles. It makes stop at known places. During the night, the lights turn on and the bus can be appreciated in its full-on, over the top glory. The lights bring out the crazy designs and patterns, which seem to be everything.

Lastly, the animation, although brief, did have some time spent on it. The first couple of cities like Las Vegas and London get at least landmarks. For Venice and Puerto Rico, it seems as though no one wanted to repeat the past images and stuck to only a few afterwards.

The video can be stimulation overload at times, with the colorful bus, animation and loads of people. However, it’s an entertaining ride that thrives on its excessiveness and kitsch. It’s better than any luxury car.

Director: Rich Lee  Year: 2014



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