Video Review: Shawn Hook “Relapse”

Shawn Hook opens the door to room 106, kissing his ex-girlfriend. They knock over the lamp and he takes off his jacket. She sprawls out on the bed. He climbs on top of her and they continue to kiss. He checks his phone, seeing a picture of his current girlfriend. She comes up behind him and starts to kiss his neck. He grabs his jacket and leaves.

Outside the apartment building, he plays on the piano, where his girlfriend is waiting for him. She leans over the piano, listening to him and then leaves.

At room 106, his ex-girlfriend stands. He sees her and they kiss. It continues like before until he sees an unmade bed. In the early morning light, he leaves her apartment.

He puts on his jacket and joins his band outside the building.

He walks back to his ex-girlfriend. The scene continues like before until he gets out his phone. His ex-girlfriend pushes him and leaves.

He walks out the door and into the parking lot to play on the piano again, along with his band.

He walks back again to room 106, giving his ex-girlfriend a kiss.


Rating: 4/5

The video is not as repetitive as it seems. There are enough variations on the original scene to keep it fresh each time. However, each time he goes back to his ex-girlfriend, it becomes more of a habit (for him) than some illicit affair damaging all his relationships.

The relationship has a complicated dynamic. His current relationships are in the background, either shown in photos or without any real communication. However, the relationship with his ex-girlfriend is as though it never ended. She gets mad if he’s seeing someone else. He’s the one who feels guilty. Yet, she will wait for him every time, just like he does. Neither will commit to each other but won’t let go, either.

They are kind of the couple they could end up married or hating one another. But neither are sure of what they want. He views her as a weakness and she may want it to be something more but won’t admit it. It’s one of those relationships, when someone starts talking about living with someone, the drama will start.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

Shawn Hook – Relapse Video (Viewable in Canada only)



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