Video Review: Hailee Steinfeld, Grey & Zedd “Starving”

Between streaks of light, Hailee Steinfeld is contemplative as she touches her face and neck. She rubs her cheek on her shoulder. She steps out of the room and into a warehouse.

In the pale lavender lit warehouse, she stands in the center, near a pole, dancing while a young man waits by fence. He approaches her to dance.

The lights flash to a dark room, with a room lit in cherry red where the young man performs a dance move.

The young man holds onto her waist and then pirouettes  by the now teal lit window.

In the warehouse, she puts her hands on her hips. As she dances, she crosses her arms and then raises them up while a circle of men sit back, watching her.

In the golden room, the dancer puts his hand close to his face while stretching his other arm out.

She sits on a piece of concrete by the fence and touches the young man’s chin with both hands.

Against a leopard print background, she wears a matching outfit while the camera focuses on her lips.

In the garage, a car starts up. She turns one of the men away and then continues with her routine.

The car drives past the building, where two blond-haired guys wait outside.

Back in the warehouse, she performs teeny tiny step moves with her feet.

In the lavender-lit room, she wears a red dress and plays with her hair. Meanwhile, all the men try to get her attention as she dances. The young man spins her around.

The room, now lit teal again, the young man does a cartwheel.

In a navy blue background, she looks over her shoulder and puts her arms on her chest.


Rating: 1/5

With each video, Hailee Steinfeld’s acting credibility diminishes even more, making it unbelievable she was once nominated for an Oscar. Perhaps it’s the way she wants it. She gives off the impression that she cares more about being famous than putting in any real effort towards anything at this point.

She’s merely happy wearing pretty outfits, showing off her well polished nails and being adored by men. In between, she’ll perform a couple of dance steps. However, she puts in the bare minimum and simply does model poses.

It’s as though expectations have gotten lower for her. “Rock Bottom,” her previous video at least required some acting skills while “Love Myself” favored fashion. The fashion is present but it’s not as eye-popping as before. Nothing really stands out to even dislike.

The pop star career only seems to matter as long it means she’ll get her invitation to the Met Gala and be a part of Taylor Swift’s squad.

Director: Darren Craig  Year: 2016

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