Video Review: Shakira “Dare (La La La) (Version 1)”

In Lisbon, Portugal, the sun sets on the horizon underneath a row of bright red lights. Shakira, with her back towards the camera, is on the dance floor alone. Lit with white lights, people wait.

As she watches the clouds, the film is painted in a rose paint before returning to the pale blue sky.

The screen turns teal as people are seen clapping and morph into a bubblegum pink.

Against flat multi-colored tiles Shakira shakes her hair and her hips Meanwhile, she stands by a monument, a wine red robe flowing up behind her as an impending storm threatens the sky. She dances and the screen changes to an electric blue.

Walking through rising smoke, the screen again changes to an electric blue with people dancing in the background which are then imposed on the tiles. She then navigates her way through a hedge maze. When she completes the maze, she stands facing it as the images flash of her putting her hands on her head against a teal tiled background and the monument.

She runs through the maze, the scene changing to an electric people with people dancing.

A sangria red covers the screen as she skips within the maze.

In downtown Lisbon, a group of friends stand against a graffitied wall. She walks the street and people begin to follow her. A young man in a car watches the group.

In the middle of the street, shaded in red and green, she and the people put their hands up and dance.

The sun sets again.

She walks towards the center of the dance floor and then watches as people run and dance.

She smiles, with the teal tiled background behind her.


Rating: 4/5

Shakira plays in a proper maze, twirling around. She rubs her stomach against a dingy wall and seems to be dancing near a bathroom at point. Lisbon isn’t shown as a fantasy. She dances underneath a darkened sky, preparing for a thunderstorm. The streets are crowded, with some perturbed people upset about Shakira and everyone else blocking the street. Some have graffiti marking the buildings.

Mandler’s use of color is a thundering bolt infusing the surroundings into a Day-Glo daydream. When she is around the monument and the hedge maze, the prim city beckons respect and a moment of silence for its history. Then the colors seep in, invigorating the scene and the city lets go of its inhibitions.

Mandler’s attitude is not to sell the city but to pique the curiosity about it beyond the landmarks, enticing people to learn more about the battles and destruction that happened centuries ago.

Director: Anthony Mandler  Year: 2014


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