Video Review: Flo Rida “My House”

A bodyguard secures a door. Flo Rida greets one of his friends with a bottle of champagne at the front door.

Sitting on a golden throne and wearing a bathrobe, he raps while women caress him. Meanwhile, his security system scans a woman who was invited over. Her eye matches what is in the system and she is allowed inside.

Against a blue background with the word house in capital letters with bubbles over it, he takes a sip of a product.

At the bar within his house, people talk with him. A woman, in a silver bikini walks on the marble table and juggles two torches of flames. Another woman entertains the crowd by holding sparking fire over chest. In the kitchen, a male blows fire from his mouth. It causes one of his friends gasp.

Liquor is poured on a woman’s stomach. Another woman races to lick it up while a guy watches her. He toasts to a good time with his friends.

In another section of his house, he sits. A woman, still in her black cocktail dress, wakes up and brushes her hair out of her face.

He points to the product he was drinking. It’s called Burn, which is an energy drink. He dances with his friends. Then, everybody gets into a pillow fight.

Everybody sits around at a table where a human sushi platter is in the center. People dive in with their mouths to eat a piece of food. A woman blows a kiss to the camera and takes a selfie on her phone.

Against a background with seems to represent a huge speaker, he and about thirty of his friends dance. He stands in a keyhole.

He plugs the energy drink again. Confetti falls on him and his guests at the bar. People get with silly string. One of his friends eyes a piece of sushi on the human platter but decides not to have any.

Rating: 2/5

Flo Rida’s a party at his house is a laid-back affair with some conservative elements. It comes across more as a business party and him trying to secure clients than any actual real fun.

The entertainment leans towards the carnival aspect, with flamethrowers and fire breathers. There is a full bar. Then, there’s the human sushi platter, who is a woman.

For the most part, the video is tame. Other than people taking the food with their mouths off the woman, the titillation is kept to a minimum.

However, the human sushi platter is demeaning and unsettling. People treat her like a plate, sucking food off of her and acting though she isn’t real. The whole idea involves people dissociating that there is another person there yet are told not to acknowledge them. The person’s body is cheapened. For the person who is the human platter, it’s a last resort job.

Director: Alex Acosta  Year: 2015


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