Video Review: Toni Braxton & Dr. Dre “Just Be A Man About It”

Dr. Dre exits the strip club, Bare Elegance with a dancer. He checks his pager and decides he has to call his girlfriend. He finds a telephone and calls her. Toni Braxton hears his voice on the phone and smiles.

He tells her that he won’t be home tonight and she shoots up in her chair, upset. Meanwhile, his random kisses his cheek and neck. He puts his arm around her as Braxton listens to his excuses that she’s heard a dozen times before. She shakes her head at his nerve.

Ticked off, she wants to know why he isn’t there. He holds the phone away from his ear. She calls him out, telling him she knows he’s with someone else. He’s thinking, “she’s still talking” and swings the phone on his finger.

After the phone call, she opens the window and walks onto the balcony to watch the light rain fall. She passes by the photo of him she keeps on an end table. She throws it over her shoulder. She smashes a vase he gave her as well as another picture frame. She puts her hands over her head, thinking she can’t do this anymore.

He explains that he cares for her but he’s emotionally unavailable right now. His random crosses her arms over chest, impatient.

She tells him it’s all psychobabble that he heard and that his family, mostly his mother, thinks she’s below him. After the comment about his mother, he slams the phone down. She hangs up, hitting the phone over and over in the cradle and letting it fall to the floor. He leaves with his random girlfriend, who is grinning, glad that the pesky girlfriend situation is out of the way.

She lies on the couch, depressed that he doesn’t see her as good enough for him.

After cooling off, she sweeps the broken glass on the floor.

The doorbell rings. She fluffs her hair before answering. DJ Quik smiles when she opens the door. They hug and then sit on the couch together. He whispers in her ear and she caresses his face with her finger.

Dre. Dre comes home. When he sees her and DJ Quik together, he gets ticked off. She’s shrugs, saying “So?” He gives the finger and leaves. She breaks the fourth wall and reacts to the camera with a “wow!” expression.

Rating: 4/5

The reaction shots of Dr. Dre and Toni Braxton to the lyrics up the song’s drama and elevate it in a way a stand-alone track on an album can’t.

The video takes Braxton’s side, though. She’s viewed as a patient and caring girlfriend. However, her weakness is letting his bad behavior continue for so long and taking it. With him gone all the time, she has developed feelings for another guy but didn’t act on them. She didn’t want to cheat. However, his last phone call confirmed that he won’t change. She invited the other guy over and actually felt wanted.

Dr. Dre is the noncommittal boyfriend, stringing his current girlfriend along while cheating on her. He thinks that calling her up is a considerate thing to do and doesn’t really see anything wrong with his behavior. He basically breaks up with over the phone and gives her permission to find someone else. When he returns home, though, he expects to find her waiting like always. However, she beat him at his own game and found another guy. He leaves, which is the best thing for both of them.

Even though it’s not a traditional single (a phone conversation accompanied with music and some singing in between by Braxton), it needed a video to provide context.

Director: Billie Woodruff  Year: 2000


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