Video Review: Tove Lo “Cool Girl”

The sound of a shaver can be heard. In a motel bathroom, Tove Lo puts the hair from the right side of her head in the sink.

Outside, she runs her fingers over sand, standing over a coffin.

Earlier, pre-shave, she shimmied down the motel hallway, climbed on top of an old car and danced on top of the hood. She pulls out the sides of her mouth and makes a funny face.

Back on the coffin, she rubs her face all over it and licks it. After she straddles it, she looks inside and it’s her.

Inside the car, guys are head banging in unison as she continues to dance on top of the car.

She makes a funny face at the driver of the car and they all get out to perform a dance routine with her.

Back inside the motel room, she lights a piece of paper on fire and drops it behind her while she sits on the bed. Unemotional, she remains seated on the bed while the flames take over the room.

Outside, she and the guys dance some more. She sits on top on the coffin. A car crash happens. On the screen, it says “to be continued.”

Rating: 1/5

There is no story to continue. Nothing is developed. Tove Lo is in full pop star mode, dancing for the majority of the video. A seedy motel doesn’t equal story. It just means it’s a setting.

The coffin dancing, without any explanation, is strange. It can be interpreted that she’s taunting the dead version of her former self. However, it’s giving the video too much credit. There is a sliver of characterization when she is in the motel room and sits among the flames. She is apparently soulless and could care less if she dies or hurts anyone else. Who knows? It’s a visual that doesn’t add up to anything.

It’s hilarious that it’s trying to pass itself off as an artsy series, considering Tove Lo has abandoned her indie persona. She has a become an imitation of her former image, which is unfortunate.

Director: Tim Erem  Year: 2016

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