Video Review: Exposé “As Long As I Can Dream”

In black-and-white, outside an apartment building, a young man ties his shoes. He goes back inside and looks out the window, wondering about his future. He walks outside to a basketball court and stands at a chain link fence. He meets up with his friends and they walk down the train tracks. He thinks that he doesn’t want to cause trouble and spend his days wandering.

After hanging out with his friends, he goes to the boxing gym. He sets his bag down and opens his locker. He bandages his hand and lift weights. His hair drenched with sweat, he pushes himself to the heavier pound.

In the boxing ring, he prepares to spar. After the fight, he puts on his jacket

Also in black-and-white, a young woman serves food at a family dinner. She puts a stack of plates by the sink. Tired, she believes she will never make it out. She looks outside, nearly breaking down in tears. She sits on her bed and then lies down, depressed about the state of her life. She leaves the house and walks to dance studio. After putting on her ballet shoes, she practices at the barre. During a break, she takes a deep breath. Then, she does a pirouette.

While she practices en pointe, she imagines herself performing for a ballet company in front of a crowd. She wipes her neck with a towel. She runs to catch up with her friends after practice.

She runs her hand along the chain link fence, watching the guys play a game of basketball. The young man throws a three pointer. When the ball rolls to the end of the fence, she and the young man lock eyes. He gives her a smile.

She and her friends join the young man play teams. She hangs out a swing where he stops to talk to her. He walks her home.

Underneath an awning in a violet lit street, Ann sympathizes with people who are trying to do something more with their lives. Jeanette and Kelly are on her side, agreeing with her. The rain pours down. On the street, smoke emits from the sewers and a damaged car has its flashers blinking.


Rating: 5/5

The young woman is taking care of her family. It doesn’t give her much time for herself. Going the dance studio each day releases her stress and to improve. It helps her remember that one day someone from a dance company will notice her talent and give her a job. It’s the one thing that’s keeping her going.

The young man, however, wants to better himself. He trains at the local boxing gym. There, he spars with other fighters. Again, he hopes to be able to make money at it. It’s all he has left.

Even Exposé, who are somewhat better off, understand about peoples’ troubles and trying to achieve a dream. They’ve worked hard to make inroads and there are still tumbles they have to get through.

The group has a meta moment with the song’s subject, as the video employed unknown actors which were featured more prominently than themselves. It speaks highly of the group. It’s not some empty subject they are singing about to get a hit song, they are following through on their lyrics.

Director: N/A  Year: 1993


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