Video Review: India.Arie “Brown Skin”

On the street, a young man points to India.Arie and his friend takes notice. She unfolds her hat over her ears as she walks to him. He greets his girlfriend with a hug and she shakes her hand. Earlier, she had bought some flowers from a vendor outside. Holding hands, the couple talks and Indie.Arie checks out a man on the bench, sketching in his notepad. He sees her staring and wonders if she is going to ever talk to him.

 He turns his head, his hand drawing lines as he concentrates on her.

 In a meadow, she sits on the grass. Meanwhile, the young man runs his hand through the sand on the ground. He kicks and spins.

 She thinks of him putting his head on her shoulders and rocking her. He walks away from the bench and she wonders where he is going.

 At her outdoor concert, Cee-Lo Green introduces her before her performance as people clap for her. Couples begin to slow dance. A young man gets up from a table. She stops, thinking that he is same man she saw earlier in the day.

 The young man holds his hands together. An unknown woman rubs his arm and chest.

 She picks up her dress and then steps down the stairs and walks down the trail. In the corner, the man sketches again and then plays his horn. She finds the young man sitting on a bench and watches him draw from over his shoulder. She sits down next to him, to her surprise. He shows her the drawings he did of her. She puts her hands over her face, embarrassed from all the attention. They start to talk and then they kiss. She takes off his hat and he shakes out his cornrows.

 In the meadow, she runs her head over her chest and bobs her head to the music.


Rating: 4.5/5

It’s a celebration of love. Based on shared interests in the arts, India.Arie and the young man fall in love at first sight. However, a chance meeting in the meadow allows them to finally talk and start a relationship. They are a couple that inspires and learns from each other.

 India.Arie is able to create a personal connection both to the young man and the audience. They are in their own world as they flirt and get to know each other, creating an intimacy between them that feels intrusive to watch. Her outdoor concert is laid-back, as though she is performing for a friend’s wedding and not for a crowd of strangers. It’s an intimate affair all around. 

Director: N/A  Year: 2000


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