Video Review: Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha “In the Name of Love”

Over a turquoise sky, Bebe Rexha stands by the fence, between columns of a mansion. On the springboard, she waits, watching the water wave with soft breeze. She grins and then arches her back.

 Bubbling lava red water reaches the surface. With her hand on her other arm, she turns away as the waves become violent. After a flash of putrid green, Martin Garrix is seen inside the house. He comes out onto the balcony.

 Behind the house, lighting flashes and the sky has taken on a smoky hue. Worried, she looks towards Garrix’s way and returns her gaze to the ground. By the impeccably trimmed bush, she stands.

 Back on the springboard, she puts her hand over her stomach and Garrix takes his place on the springboard on the other side of her. He looks to her, wanting to figure out what she’s feeling. She lifts her head and keeps a steely expression on her face. She sees the water rising and breathes hard. She puts her hand on the neck.

 From the pool, three bursts of water flare up, raining on them. The sky is now midnight black as the storm reaches its peak. A pure white vapor skims through the garden and around the pool. In unison, they both jump into the water. Garrix swims to Rexha and they hold onto each other. After smiling when he reaches her, she swims away.

 With a cherry red sky behind them, they stand hand in hand by the pool.


Rating: 4/5

 Symbolism is in every detail of the video. Rexha wears red, representing the depth of her love. Vulnerable and afraid, she believes he doesn’t actually care. Garrix, however, is formal in his suit. He is precise with his words and doesn’t let anybody get to know him. The mansion has contained him and been his sanctuary from emotion.

 The storm and the bubbling red water could be Rexha’s fears and hurt. She may be more open but she has been heartbroken before. Unlike him, she isn’t really protecting herself. She’s allowing herself to feel. Garrix remains with her through the thunderstorm.

 Then, they both fall into the pool together. For the first time, she smiles. It’s what she wants. While the lightning strikes another area, she and Garrix are safe.

 It may have a romantic ending, but it’s not the typical fare for the genre. It is shadowed in tone and ambiguity. Both seem to be damaged people, with Rexha hiding it better. The mansion is a lonely and cold place. Emotions are at a high. It all comes to head during a storm.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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