Video Review: Nick Lachey “I Can’t Hate You Anymore”

Nick Lachey pulls up on the side of the road. He glances into the rear view mirror, sighs into the headrest and then flips it on its side. Once he gets out of the car, he tosses his jacket inside and takes a walk.

He kicks pebbles on the beach. Storm clouds roll in and the waves get wild. He stares up into the dusk afternoon sky, wondering about his life. He sits down by a rock and lets the past four years run through his mind.

While walking, he puts his hand on his face, thinking of what he could’ve done differently. He stands on top of a rock near the edge of ocean to watch the waves.

He stands in the ocean, letting the water reach his ankles. He puts his hands over his face. All of his dreams – gone. Everything he had imagined for his life – gone. He stands against some rock and holds onto it. As the wind blows, he stands by the brush. He drags his feet, heavy with water, out of the ocean. He throws a rock.

He climbs on top of the rock to watch the storm. However, it passes and the scalding light of the sun appears. It basks the ocean and him in a golden glow as he wanders the shore.

Rating: 4.5/5

Nick Lachey is going through a rough time. At this point, there is no hope of children or a family of his own. Love is far from his grasp. However, he will recover and he will find happiness again.

The use of the stormy sky to reflect his current state of emotions is an imaginative idea. It provides an externalization of his depression after the divorce and the hurt he is feeling. He wonders when they fell out of love with each other and when it began falling apart. On the beach, he is soul-searching, feeling as though he is a failure.

However, the storm lifts and the sun shines bright again before setting. He’ll be okay. He’s starting to feel better. But it’s going to take some time before he feels like himself again. The symbolism is apparent. There are still going to be some dark days ahead but his life will go on. It’s a new beginning.

Director: N/A  Year: 2006


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