Video Review: Alanis Morissette “Crazy”

Late at night, Alanis Morissette walks the street of a downtown area.

 From her apartment, she spies from her window as a shirtless man gets dressed in the morning. She watches him put the sleeves around his arms before pulling it up over him.

 On stage, she performs with her band.

 The man leaves his apartment as she stands on the side of hers, trying not to caught looking. He takes the elevator to the first floor. She grabs her coat and then takes the next elevator down.

 As he drives in the car, she was able to sneak in the backseat. He scratches his face as he prepares to turn. He picks up his girlfriend. She enters the car and gives him a kiss. Then, they drive into the city. Neither of say anything to each other. He parks and she waits, with her arm on the window pane, bored. However, she gets out of her seat and when he meets her, she smiles at him. They walk hand in hand into the club.

 In the club, she forces her way through the crowded people, knocking into other’s people shoulders and moving people aside until she is face to face with the couple.

 The couple stares at her, dumbfounded as to why she is there. Meanwhile, on stage, she continues to perform. But further back in the stage, in their own clear boxes, people dance.

 She shoves the guy, which really ticks him off. She pushes him again and a bouncer pulls her arms. But she is able to still throw her drink at him and shout. She tries to get out of the bouncer’s grip. His girlfriend, though, is tired of the drama and walks away. He looks back at his girlfriend, thinking he’s missing a piece of information.

 The bouncer throws her out of the club. Back on the street, she recovers by brushing some hair out of her face. She continues to walk downtown.

 She returns home, using the elevator to get to her apartment. Once inside, she sees there is a bouquet of white roses for her with a message of “sorry.”

 The girlfriend, lying on Morissette’s bed, wakes up and looks at picture of them together on the nightstand.


Rating: 2/5

Twists in a storyline involve the writing to be perfect. Otherwise, it all falls apart due to one lacking detail. For “Crazy,” the detail is at the beginning when she watches him from the window. From a logical standpoint, it would be fair to say that she is following him.

 Unfortunately, information is kept at a distance from the audience. She doesn’t react when the guy kisses his girlfriend. The only hint is the girlfriend looks as though she is going through the motions in the relationship. Then, the girlfriend walks away frustrated that some woman is pushing her boyfriend. Still no hint of what is going on or any reason why Morissette is upset. She walks and walks.

 Morissette is a progressive person, which is why the twist seems to be confusing. Using lesbianism as a twist cheapens the relationship and is clueless on her part. By treating it as a gimmick, it makes the relationship taboo in a way that it shouldn’t be.

Director: Meiert Avis  Year: 2005


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