Video Review: Pentatonix & Jason Derulo “If I Ever Fall In Love”

On the far left of the screen, in a medium-sized square and lit in blue is, Scott. Avi appears next, lit in orange with black lines running over his face. Obscured in an electric blue with an algae green running behind him is Mitch. Kirstin, Kevin and Jason Derulo then show up in the bottom squares. Kirstin has hot pink neon lasers crisscrossing over her face. Kevin has an emerald green background with some yellow lasers on his face. Derulo is against a black background with white light over his face.

Derulo takes the stage, the lights casting lines of shadow over his face and red suit. Scott’s background has extended to the screen, as blue lights swim like waves behind him. Avi gets a quick extension, shown against a black background before the orange lights consume him. Mitch also gets an entire screen as blobs of green float past him.

Scott, Derulo, Mitch and Avi’s are lined up in the center of the screen. Kirstin looks into the distance, as her square is now the size of the screen. Kevin and Scott’s boxes have now grown larger. Derulo, who is also now full screen, puts his hand on his face.

On the pitch black stage, the band stands as the spotlight washes over the group and then it returns to Derulo alone. Greyish smoke forms behind Derulo as Kirstin, Mitch and Avi get featured. Derulo gets a turn. Scott’s background now includes balls of green light swirling behind him. Meanwhile, zigzagged white and black lines are on Kirstin’s background. Mitch, and Avi, unfortunately, remain the same.

The stage, now with a robin egg blue lines cascading, the group with Derulo in the center, continue to sing. Kevin now has a white spiral swirling behind him. The group then turns into slits of silver light.

Scott, has fiery asteroids flying and exploding him. Kirstin has columns of white light darting in and out. Avi has a contained fire of white light. Mitch has a twisting triangle accompanying him to the left of the screen.

Derulo, Kirstin, Scott and Mitch get their own squares in the center of the screen. Derulo then gets a square bobbing back and forth behind him. Mitch’s triangle suddenly vaporizes. Derulo’s square gets smaller, hiding further in the background and then returns back to its bobbing.

The group stands, each appearing in a different color, in the center, with two grey arrows on the side of them. After each person gets their own screen again (with corresponding visual), it flashes back to them on stage, in various colors.

On the stage, with the cascading blue lines, Derulo reaches out as they all sing.


Rating: 5/5

Wow. Pentatonix become something more than an acapella group. The visuals, which have the purpose to stop the video from becoming static, start to be patronizing after the first verse. They are able to top Shai’s original with such power and strength that it isn’t even a fair fight.

Jason Derulo gets an opportunity to show that he is more than a dancer who sort of sings by displaying his full vocal range. Given how well he handles the song, he deserves challenging material in the future. He seems to be trying to push himself towards that direction little by little. So far, it’s only been with other groups. Hopefully, next time the chance will be on his new album.

One minor quibble: Mitch gets really shortchanged on his visual, which hides his entire face while the others can be seen clearly. While it seems to be a result of poor planning, it can turn petty really quickly. It leaves him out some. It’s as though every one in the office got a gift card on their desk except for him.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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