Video Review: Kungs & Cookin’ On 3 Burners “This Girl”

In her bedroom, a teenage girl buttons her blouse, puts on her bracelet and ties the string on her cover-up.

  While sailing on the boat, in the Greek island of Kylkladhes, Melos, her boyfriend puts his hands over head as she watches the waves. She hears footsteps and turns around. She sees him walk near her.

 At sunset, they walk through the mountains and climb on the rock. The wind turns her long hair upside down, causing strands to fly into her face. As they wind blows, he gives her a kiss.

 Back home, in their apartment building, she chases him down the hallway as he walks with his hands in his pockets.

 On the sand, they decide to stop and play a game of Red Hands. He tosses a rock into the sea.

 In the apartment hallway, she hides from him and then jumps in front of him. They jump on the bed. She has turned on the strobe lights. He holds onto her waist and then puts her hand underneath her shirt. She digs her fingernails into his back.

 She lies out on the sand, in her white bra and panties. He joins her in his boxer shorts. She kicks her feet in the seafoam green ocean. She floats in the water while he climbs on a rock. With her jacket open, they walk back. She splashes water in his face.

 Taking a moment to herself, she looks over the rock to watch the sea.

 While exploring, they find a cave. He runs his hand on the wall as she looks up at it. She stares at her boyfriend’s chest. When he notices, she looks down. They dance in the cave and build a campfire for warmth. They paint each other’s faces.

 As they talk, he locks his pinkie finger with his. They lay out in the sun and sleep. On the boat, they cuddle. While standing at by the rock, she turns and gives one last look.


Rating: 4/5

First love can be exhilarating. Each day is an adventure. The young couple takes a boating trip to the mountain. There, they spend the day together. However, she can’t escape her insecurities and troubles. She is still wondering if he cares for her. Despite her happiness being with him, there is a lot more she’s not saying.

 It’s as though she can be with him but can’t say what she feels. When he catches her staring at his chest, she looks away, as though she did something wrong. She’s still discovering her sexuality and her emotions regarding it. He seems put off by it, not realizing what she’s doing is normal. She wants him more than she can say. He doesn’t know it since he doesn’t seem to have much experience.

 It’s a coming of age for the teenage girl, who despite loving her boyfriend, still feels alone and can’t figure out why. She’s trying to navigate the relationship and not able to face that the while she cares for him, it may not be on a level she desires. However, her hormones are more or less driving her actions, not her heart.

Director: Matt Larson  Year: 2016


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