Video Review: Shanice “Saving Forever For You”

Outside West Beverly High School, David Silver (Brian Austin Green) jokes with his friend, Curtis, that he hasn’t made a shot yet.

 In the parking lot, Shanice parks her Jeep and three of her best friends get out of the car. She says it’s senior year and going to be the best ever. She answers her cellphone with “Beverly Hills 90210, baby.” Her one friend asks who’s calling her. She grins and it says it’s her mother. Her friend tells her to stop goofing off. Meanwhile, David is pointing out Shanice to Curtis. Curtis is impressed.

 The two groups run into each other, walking into opposite directions. Shanice tips her sunglasses down on her nose to check out Curtis. Shy, Curtis puts his head down.

 In an empty hallway, Shanice begins to sing.

 Shanice tips her sunglasses down again on her nose and smiles at Curtis as she walks away. Curtis grins back while David tells him to get going.

 In the bathroom, Shanice calls Curtis on her cell phone. Shanice tells her friends that he will answer. Her friend doesn’t understand why she just doesn’t talk to him since he’s only a few feet away.

 At his locker, Curtis hears his phone ring and David leans over, wanting to know who it is. He says hello and Shanice mouths “OMG” to her friends.

 She imagines herself in his study hall and sitting beside on the windowsill, enjoying each other’s company. Curtis looks up from his book and stares outside. In the common area, he sees Shanice talking with her friends and wishes he could say more than two words to her.

 In the hallway, silhouettes of her fade in and out.

 In the DJ booth, David announces to the entire school that Curtis likes Shanice. Curtis put his arms on his locker, embarrassed while Shanice grins. Shanice and Curtis go the DJ booth. Shanice tells David that he shouldn’t have told everyone. She promises to get back at him. She pulls Curtis by the arm and turns off the lights in the booth and locks him inside. David says it’s not funny and tries to open the door.

 As they leave school, Curtis puts his arm around Shanice. David says again, “this isn’t funny.”


Rating: 3.5/5

 It is a fan fiction episode before it even existed. What would happen if David Silver hadn’t become friends with Steve and Kelly? He would be hanging out with Curtis, a shy guy who longs to be on the basketball team.. He would still be unpopular but with the loss of Scott Scanlon he would have to find new friends. R.I.P. Scott Scanlon.

 The radio show would still be his thing. However, he would be using his radio show to get his friend together with his crush. Considering that there isn’t any need to behave or Kelly or Brandon, he can act in the most dickish way without being called out by anyone. Some things never change.

 It may as well be a continuation of “Ashes to Ashes,” the season 2 episode with Vivica A. Fox, had the show maintained the diversity represented. The fact that show didn’t do much otherwise make a person of color a minor character or an extra in the  background makes Shanice’s presence in the halls of West Beverly Hills High conspicious.

 David may seem to be the obvious choice as the character for the video due to his love of music. However, Brandon would’ve been a better choice. He had many Friends of Week as well as girlfriends. It would make sense that Shanice and Curtis would gravitate towards Brandon. It’s already implausible enough but Brandon would at least give it some credibility.

Director: N/A  Year: 1992


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