Video Review: The Band Perry “Done”

On the left side of the screen, the white chess teams walk. The black chess team follows on the right side. Neil rubs two red lines under both of his eyes.

Against a white background on stage, with a stack of amplifiers behind them, the band begins to play. After Kimberly puts her long-sleeved black gloved hands over the mic, the stage is shown without them, with the amplifiers left standing.

In their corners, the teams wave their rally flags and sneer. The Band Perry stands in the back of the white team, cheering them on. A drummer plays, signaling the start of the war.

The stage lights dim, leaving the band in the shadows. When the stage lights up again, Kimberly grabs her microphone and pulls the stand to an angle. Both teams scream and yell. On the white platforms, the band wishes the white team luck.

The teams charge to one another in slow motion.

On stage, Kimberly shrugs her shoulders to the music and puts her arm out in defiance. They jump up and down in unison.

The team meet each other in the center of the stage.

Reid pounds his guitar to the music. The black chess team hits members of the white chess team. With their swords and clubs, they are gridlocked. The band tries to help out the white chess team as much as possible.

Kimberly puts her arms out in front of the microphone and grunts.

With the black chess team members on the floor, the white chess team raises its flag in victory. The band rejoices. Kimberly takes the crown.

The white chess team stands together, savoring their win.

Rating: 3.5/5

 When the band emerges from the shadows in leather and Kimberly grips the microphone with her long-sleeved black gloves, it seems as though something defiant is going to happen.

Then, it resorts a languishing, half-hearted battle that’s only about winning. A play fight happens and then white chess team is named as the victor. Then, Kimberly is crowned queen. Kimberly taking the crown with such a polite demeanor and the waving it, as she cheers is pure diva. The crown is reason why she’s there. It might as well be a bouquet from a wedding.

The band wants to surprise but not too much, just enough to raise some eyebrows. However, the safe and cautious battle, with its lack of suspense and any actual action, lags behind the music. Kimberly’s punches in the air seem to liven the teams up, though, giving them an extra bounce.

Director: Declan Whitebloom  Year: 2013


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