Video Review: Troye Sivan “YOUTH”

Sitting on a floral patterned couch in a mauve lit room is Troye Sivan. On the table next to him, are empty blue plastic cups. He taps his head, indicating his brain.

 Walking down the hallway, strung with rainbow Christmas lights, he runs his hand through his hair.

 By the mauve lit doorway, he raises out his hands.

 Back in the hallway, he touches his jacket and the lights turn off.

 Inside the tropical green lit kitchen, his friends are dancing to music as he sits on the countertop, talking with them. He laughs.

 Underneath a lavender lit fort (with a hint of peach), two girls talk. In another room, a couple gazes into each other’s eyes. Meanwhile, while dancing, Sivan’s boyfriend puts his arm around him. In the hallway, two girls whisper and lean close. Later, they are shown in silhouette at a skating rink.

 Sivan and his boyfriend stay close as they nearly touch noses. On the couch, he falls into his spot while people around him chat. In an electric blue lit room, people grab heart balloons.

 In the hallway, the lights flash on and off as Sivan dances.

 Inside the fort, surrounded by Care Bears, he cuddles with his boyfriend. One his friends puts their hat on another friend’s head.

 He watches light shine through a spinning vase. A girl plays with a balloon and playfully hits her girlfriend with it as they skate.

 In the fort, Sivan plays with his boyfriend’s hand. Everyone continues to dance in the family room. He picks up a Care Bear and places it on his chest.

 A guy places something on a girl’s tongue. In the bathroom, a girl, fully clothed, is soaking in the tub. People begin to chase the light over their hands as the vase spins.

 He dances near the front door. The girl sits up in the bathtub and he dances with his boyfriend. The girl plays with a strand of her girlfriend’s hair. Later, in the hallway, they kiss. Sivan laughs with his boyfriend and follows him into a bedroom.

 A couple kisses as people dance in various rooms of the house. Sivan’s boyfriend picks up a Care Bear, wondering which one it is.

 In the hallway, the lights turn off and Sivan heads back to the door.


Rating: 4/5

 Adolescence is seen as a time to cherish and as a softer time period, even with a bit a rose-colored filter. The welcoming pastel hues, the Christmas lights hung as decoration, the fort – all things associated with childhood that Sivan wants to hang onto for a while longer.

 He’s older now, a teenager, but he and his friends are in the between stages of discovering their sexuality but not quite grown up to fully see the impact of certain decisions. But there’s some safety for right now. He’s in love with his first real boyfriend. His friends accept him for who he is. It’s the life he wants. It’s the future that’s scary.

It is now to feel everything within the bones until they break from the pressure of the emotion. It is now that everything is at is most real and heightened.

Director: Malia James  Year: 2016


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