Video Review: Céline Dion “I Drove All Night”

In black-and-white, a young woman twirls in her boyfriend’s arms as he hugs her.

 In her individual shot, Céline Dion plays with her long necklace and smiles. She turns around and pulls her arm down. She puts her necklace to her face.

 The young woman puts her hand on her boyfriend’s back. She runs her hand through her boyfriend’s hair

 Dion raises her arms up in the air and balls them into fists.

 Her boyfriend kisses her neck and she arches her neck back.

 Dion turns her back to the camera and points. The young woman looks over her boyfriend’s bare shoulder. He runs his hand down the edges of her hips.

 Dion bends over, her arms raised in the air again. The young woman turns her head from left to right, breathless from the pleasure she is experiencing. Her boyfriend kisses her hungrily on the lips. She puts her fingers on her boyfriend’s lips. They clasp their hands together.

 Dion plays the air guitar. Twice! She even has a mini Mick Jagger sneer to go with it. She turns and faces the camera, a friendly smile on her face.


Rating: 5/5

In black-and-white, the passion the couple has for each other explodes. It attracts more attention to each shoulder grab and kiss. Somehow, the skin seems to be more revealing than if it would be in color. It’s simply hips but it seems as though it were her private parts. The black-and-white exposes the couple, at their most heated and vulnerable.

 Dion’s warm and goofy demeanor downplays the explicitness of the imagery. The air guitar, though, is classic. She’s strumming along as though she’s on the last level of Guitar Hero and no one should interrupt her while she battles it out.

 It seems the video is implying that it was her when she was younger. When she looks towards the camera, it’s as though she’s remembering her first sexual experience with the young man. The hunger and love she has since has not been as potent as it was before.

Director: Peter Arnell  Year: 2003


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