Video Review: Grace “Hell Of A Girl”

Grace enters her boyfriend’s house and discovers him, shirtless, with another girl in bed with him. He turns around, frozen while the girl acts like Grace deserved it. She runs out of the house and takes a drive.

As she drives through the neighborhood, she knows she is better off. She stops in a parking lot to meet up with her friends. They work hard to keep her smiling and laughing. A car does a burnout around her, emitting pink smoke as she sings. Meanwhile, a guy is there with his friends. He stares at Grace every once in a while, trying to get her attention.

He approaches her. Grace lets out a nervous laugh. A bunch of her friends climb over the fence, leading to the football field. She and her friends hang out in the bleachers. Her ex-boyfriend stares in her direction as she straddles in the middle of the field. She turns his head towards her and kisses him. Her friends gasp.

Her ex-boyfriend continues to stare at her while his girlfriend tries to stake her claim by glaring at Grace.

When she and her friends leave, she sees her crush and smiles at him as she runs her hand along the steel fence. She and her friends goof off, kicking their legs in the air as they lay on the grass.

The sprinklers go off in the field and everyone runs off, ending the evening. Her crush grabs her hand and they run together.

Her ex-boyfriend returns home to find his girlfriend sleeping with someone else. He looks off to the distance, regretting that he dumped Grace. She sits in the car, playing with her hair. Her new boyfriend picks her up. When she looks out the window, she sees her ex crossing the street. She puts her sunglasses on and watches the road in front of her.


Rating: 2/5

 There is a lot of drama, with intertwining storylines, that takes at least two viewings to understand who’s who and what’s going on. Considering that Grace’s two love interests are interchangeable does not help.

The ex-boyfriend, unfortunately, becomes the main character, having more to do than Grace. He cheats on her, is still in love with her, finds out his current girlfriend is cheating on him and then feels utterly alone. Grace hangs out with her friends and likes someone new.

Since so much is seen of her ex-boyfriend it can be taken as a mistake. He knows he did wrong and he learned a lesson. He’s a teenager and while it can be attributed to immaturity, he at least knows the feeling of making the wrong decision.

Meanwhile, Grace finds someone new to like and he becomes central to the story. He tries to talk to her and hang out with her when he can. As a result, Grace becomes secondary to the love triangle going on. She doesn’t respond to her ex-boyfriend’s advances but she doesn’t exactly ignore him, either. It isn’t clear that she likes the new guy until she smiles at him as her friends leave the field. Grace is still defining herself by men and relationships.

Director: Dano Cerny  Year: 2016

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