Video Review: Usher “Caught Up”

Usher leaves his mansion and gets into his SUV. His dancers get into the backseat and buckle their seatbelts. Some of his other dancers get inside a second car. As they drive, they bob their heads to the music.

The drive down the expressway and take the exit. Inside an apartment building, a man wakes up, touching his face. He gets up and realizes the money in his safe is gone. A woman holds a “U” necklace in her fingers as she sits on the bed, with piles of cash surrounding her.

He and his dancers take a break to dance in the middle of the street.

Usher and his friends notice something is wrong right away. They race up to the guy’s apartment and get the girl. He sees a struggle between his bodyguard and the girl. His eyes dart right from left and back again. He’s uncertain of what to do. He tosses his hat and grabs the girl by the hand. They run off. The man walks steadily behind them.

Once outside, he puts his hand by the girl’s waist to protect her. A few men run out and a fight breaks out. They subdue the men. The man says it’s time for the show.

They race back into the cars.

At the show, Usher performs on a gold and white stage with his dancers.


Rating: 1/5

Who is the villain? It seems as though the guy in the apartment building was robbed. However, Usher sides with girl because she’s pretty. He and his dancers save her and then beat the guy up in the apartment building. Then, someone reminds him he has a concert.

The story wants to have a twist but no story to back it up. Instead, it turns on its characters. Who are the people in the video? They seem to be random. Usher had to have a reason to go into the apartment building. But no explanation is given. Did a heist happen? It seems as though it did. However, it’s unclear who exactly did it. The girl, though, seems to have been involved. Why would she be sitting there admiring Usher’s necklace?

It’s frustrating to watch, considering none of it makes sense. Usher’s dance skills are not enough to fill in for the lack of story.

Director: Director X  Year: 2004

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