Video Review: Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull “Dance Again”

Written in cursive in white lettering against a black screen is “Always remember…You will live. You will love. You will dance again.”

Jennifer Lopez opens the two doors into a foyer. An indifferent Pitbull, sitting on a bed, says “next.”  He raps in the bedroom

 In a bra and filmed through a silver-red filter, Lopez is sprinkled with glitter.

She walks into the foyer as watches the liquor flow upwards to the ceiling. Pitbull is thinking  that he’s here as he shrugs. She watches it reach the ceiling. On top of the ceiling dozens and dozens of people touch each other’s bodies.

Lopez swings her hair with glitter, as she lit with a hot pink light on the left side of her while the right side is tinted a navy blue. It leaves a streak of glitter on the screen. Glitter rains on her.

She stares in awe of what is going on above her. She ascends and a person immediately grabs her thigh. Engraved on the ceiling is Glowing, which is the name of her perfume. On the glitter screen, she hangs onto an invisible pole. Someone tears off her pants, revealing her fishnet stockings.

She finally gets some space and begins to crawl. She and dancer/boyfriend Casper Smart meet by the chandelier. Smart waits for her in the bedroom. She sits against the wall and he leans on the other side. They intensely stare at one another, wondering who is going to make the first move.

She continues to crawl on the floor. He leans in to kiss her by the chandelier. By the wall, he sits on the other side of her. However, she is upside down. He watches her as she touches her face.

On the other side of the golden room, he slides towards her and she leans into him. She rolls around in a mud pile of glitter. The video camera turns on, filming their near kiss.

Smart materializes next to her, in golden glitter. He wonders how he got there. They embrace. As they dance, it switches between the two rooms and three different perspectives – one with them doused in glitter and one without.

Pitbull continues to sit on the bed, providing silent commentary. A woman holds onto his dignity. Sorry, it’s his chest. However, it might as well be his dignity. Meanwhile, Lopez stands between two poles. The lens beside him turns on.

Lopez grabs a blindfold and ties it around Smart’s eyes. They bend back and forth on the pole. Then, it’s Lopez’s turn. They touch each other’s bodies and then he takes the blindfold off. She swings on the pole, her feet dangling in the air.

 She ties his wrists with the cloth. He grins, enjoying it.

 A perfume bottle is shown on the table at the end.


Rating: 1/5

The cursive is the only classy thing about the video. Pitbull is simply doing his job and watching the clock until he can leave for the day. He even seems uninterested in the women around him. It’s as though he’d rather be at home, catching up on his television shows than be at the video shoot.

Jennifer Lopez’s shock doesn’t register once she sees the pile of bodies on top of the ceiling. To her, it looks awkward, not titillating. Unfortunately, it makes the promotion of her perfume seem crass, even though it’s done quickly that the screen has to be paused to even catch it.

When she and Casper Smart separate, they seem to have the most chemistry. Their wanting comes across. The anticipation of being near to each other is too much to take. Then, they begin to hint at bondage but are really only discovering it and not delving into anything controversial. Again, although they are comfortable with each other, it doesn’t seem to be serious at all.

The glitter aspect, which should be pretty, ends up turning her grey and sickly. Then, she rolls in it like mud. It becomes grainy and dirty as though she’s in the middle of a barn. None of it is appealing to watch. At the end, the glitter seems to be something she would cause her to stink, considering she’s drenched in it.

Director: Paul Hunter  Year: 2012


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  1. Wow! did you see Jennifer Lopez at Vax Live? She did such an amazing performance. I also heard that her and Ben Affleck are getting back together! They were such a perfect couple. Don’t you think?

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